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Readers Comments
Judy Collins
Vietnam Veterans Against
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59,000,000 plus owe the Swiftboat Vets and their compatriots in 25th
Aviation BTN their heartfelt thanks for all that was done to keep President
Bush in office for the next four years. I can't contribute much more
than the words "THANK YOU", but those are deeply felt words. You did so
much to help the guys in foreign places by making the big contribution of
exposing Mr. Kerry's real record to the nation's voters. Thanks guys,
Charles Brightwell

First of all I would like to say I am not a fan of John Kerry. I look at John Kerry and see another Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton
left the country to avoid the Viet Nam war and John Kerry disgraced his military uniform when he came home and protested
 the war.

After 40 years I am still very upset and disgusted at our government for letting the draft dodgers come back home with full citizenship
rights and one ended up as President.
If I'm not mistaken and I could be, Bill Clinton was the one who chose to downsize our military and started closing military bases
and forcing military personnel to retire and now in a time of need it has come back to bite us in the you know what.

I really don't know why John Kerry thinks he can run this country just because he served in the military. Unfortunately he is doing the
same thing Bill Clinton did and that is telling the people what they want to hear.

I don't know of anyone who likes to go into a war but because of 911 I think it was the right thing to do and I admire President Bush and
our military personnel for doing the right thing. These people in Iraq who are still supporters of Saddam have shown in more ways
than one that they have no regard for human life and you can't talk to people like them to get them to back off. You have to take it one
 step futher. The american people who are out there protesting about our military personnel being in Iraq are not loyal US citizens as far
as I am concerned and should find somewhere to live. (I hear France is good)

Everyone keeps going on about the number of casualities and wounded we have had since the beginning of Iraq and when you look at the
difference between Viet Nam and Iraq, the number of casualities lost in one month in Viet Nam doesn't even come close to all of Iraq.

I just want to say a big Thank You to all our military personnel for supporting our country and for puting their lives on the line to keep me safe
. Also a big Thank You to all the military wifes and families who have to endure the hard time when their loved ones are away from home.

I know it is not easy being married to a military man or woman and that makes them a very special person in my book.

Thank You,
De'on Winsel

"she doesn't pick her nose in public and eat it"

"Go ahead and respond if you have the balls.

 I'll be happy to set up a time to meet you and kick your fucking ass. Fuck you and the Republican
 shithead that your married to."

 ... these people have the power to cancel out our votes with theirs.

 God help us!

Your site is great. Keep up the good work.

Thank you and God bless you for your service!

Diane and Jim S. New York

I was behind most of America on viewing the debate because I was marching up and down US1 in front of the University of
Miami to counter the anti-American left.I admit to being a bit disappointed in the reports I was hearing on the radio about
 how how it went.

I have now caught up and I am completely disgusted by the manipulation of facts and flat out lies told by The Great Pretender
during this debate. He again repeated the same old lies and continued to show a remarkable amount of ignorance with regard
 to the history of the United States of America and events both national and international.

I am offended at what Kerry said, for in making these statements, he assumes that I am too ignorant to know better and
 stupid enough to believe his lies, both before and during the debate.

The Great Pretender's statements during this Debate perpetuate the same lies and in many cases completely contradict
 his statements prior to the Debate. Because they are so numerous and extensive, I am taking them on one by one.

"The president made the judgment to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress
 even approved it to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq." -- John Kerry, Presidential Debate, September 30, 2004

Kerry has made this claim before:
September 21, 2004: During a press conference in Jacksonville Florida, Kerry suggested that Bush had taken needed
 troops out of Afghanistan.September 21, 2004: In response to Kerry suggestion, Gen. Franks said in an ABC radio interview
 with Sean Hannity: "That's absolutely incorrect."

Despite direct, clear and unequivocal denial by Gen. Tommy Franks, Kerry still continued to lie about this to the American
public before the Debate:

September 24, 2004: In his Philadelphia speech Sept. 24, Kerry declared: "All you have to do is ask Gen. Tommy Franks
how surprised he was that those troops moved out of there (Afghanistan) when he was trying to do the job he was doing."

And Kerry continued to lie to the American people during the Debate:

September 30, 2004: "The president made the judgment to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan
before the Congress even approved it to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq." -- John Kerry, Presidential Debate

At the risk of being repetitive: there is no denying the fact that the Great Pretender completely ignored the truth and deliberately
 lied to America and the rest of world both before and during the Debate.

On line at


lol this isn't a republican web site, you people make me sick, you slander a man that did serve, and you
 praise a man that was too much of coward to do so.

and then you make fun of Theresa, at least she never murdered anyone, and she doesn't pick her nose
 in public and eat it, Theresa didn't raise dsyfuctional children...........George Bush is the worst kind of
 coward,,he supported VN, and then made sure he would never have to fight in it....Kerry did go to Nam,
and lets be real...Kerrys daddy was rich too, he could have avoided it, but NO, he didn't...and then Kerry
came home and TRIED to stop the war, and you people spit on him for that.
Yes, Kerry did go to extremes, he has admitted that, he was 24 years old. A24 year old trying to stop the
killing of Americans and innocents in VN. But you have your sick little agenda. I didn't notice anything on
your web site about The BushCo attacking McCains service or Clelands

My father is a Nam Vet, I was just a toddler when he came home, and THANK GOD my father isn't some
 sick old mean man that will slander another Namvet for a political campaign...I bet you dont think 58, 000
americans lives lost was enough, what number would you be happy with 158, 000? You are a disgrace to
everyman that ever wore an American uniform, and thats coming from someone thats had EVERYman in
 their family serve.


You sound like a respectable man. I personally respect your service. However, that is where my respect stops. I heard your
comments on CSPAN. I have read many of your comments on the net. It is striking how you portray yourself one way on
television and a much different way when you know your comments are falling on "friendly" ears.

Let me be very blunt with you. You have proven yourself to be a liar, a traitor, and a pussy.

Good ahead and respond if you have the balls. I'll be happy to set up a time to meet you and kick your fucking ass. Fuck you
and the Republican shithead that your married to.

Thomas Philp, Jr.
Redding, Ca.

(I respnded, he blocked my e-mail...he is a chicken shit that can't stand the truth about Kerry)
Your mail to the following recipients could not be delivered because they are not accepting mail from

Dear Asshole:

If you wish to kick my ass per your comments letter, please feel froggy...jump
I am in Anchorage Alaska, come on up, I'm easy to find  

Ron Leonard

Mrs. Heinz-Kerry and her connection to The Tides Foundation is not ‘new‘ news. The Tides
 Foundation’s connection to isn’t breaking news, either. Nor is’s
connection to Texans for Truth. What is lesser known is the Communist Party’s willingness
 to back Kerry in this election. They’ve encouraged their members to vote for him instead
of their own candidate. Their sole reason? Getting rid of President Bush. The W.W.W.P.
(The Socialist Party) openly brags of infiltrating the unions. They brag about having
Party members placed in positions to negotiate contracts for union memberships. Many of
the people who give money to these organizations and political parties are common to all
of them as financial endorsers - except for The Tides Foundation. They’ve created a loophole.
 It’s called the Tides Center. Many of these individuals and organizations also finance
International A.N.S.W.E.R., Greenpeace, and other such political activism. CBS has some
members of the Communist Party employed in rather high places as well. A comparative analysis
 between “The Communist Manifesto” and the current mission statements of several known groups
 and political parties is also in order. Pop Quiz: Guess whose philanthropic trust is
financing, in part or in whole, all of these rabidly anti-American groups, lobbyists, PAC’s,
 and parties? Hint: The AFL-CIO is technically not a trust.
You don’t have to believe me. Do your own research.
Warren "Bones" Bonesteel
Sgt USMC 1976-1983
Author and E-zine columnist
"Morning Coffee"
P. O. Box 1413
Rapid City,SD 57709
(605) 388-3005


John Kerry chose to serve his country by joining the Navy and chose to go to Vietnam.  When he realized that the war was
a big mistake and that it was killing thousands of American GIs and driving many of them to commit atrocities, he came back to
America and took a stand against the war, attempting to stop the loss of his brothers in arms and
stop the killing on both sides.  

Meanwhile Bush was hiding out in Alabama, AWOL.  In later years, Kerry went to Vietnam with
John McCain to determine if there were any MIAs or POWs there.  What did Bush do?...Burn
through investors’ money while his dad made millions with the Royal Saud family…the same ones who funded Osama bin

There, now print it and stop with the lies.  Bush is a slacker.  His lack of attention led to the 9/11attack…ON HIS WATCH.
So,would we be safer with Bush for another minute??? Only if ignoring warnings and freezing with fear in a classroom is your definition of

Jim Barisano
Automotive Networks
289 GreatRoad
Acton, MA 01720
"We're Wild About WheelsTV!"

Some of us can't always carry another, we've shut off the horror to stay sane, and so we live a life a bit surreal in order to survive.

 And then something rips the scab off, and we cry in remembered agonies as we relive it all over again. Each bitter burning moment
 engraved in our hearts and souls forever.

 Some of us hold the darkness within, and it hurts, even when those around us knows not the pain we are in. We never really came home
 to the real world, rather we came home to another world of hate and vile acts, names and shame, and all because a man and his
coconspirators were allowed to desecrate our honor and service, so he could climb a ladder to wealth and power. I have never gone to the Wall,
not because I don't want to, or because I don't feel its power, for I do indeed, but it would not be right to do so, until I can purge the rage in
my heart. Only then can I truly touch it, and my past, without holding that rage in my heart in that moment of remembrance and connection
across the span of my life.

 Until Kerry has to face his lies, to either damn himself along with us, or to admit the lie and free our spirits, I am a man locked in the prison
of himself. Such is the power of one man's ambition, assisted by those seeking a bit of his power, over those who served with more honor
and faith then he will ever be able to claim. On the day he stands judgment, many a soul will finally come home.

John Kerry has no sense of honor or loyalty. His number one priority in life is himself. It makes no difference whether it's a soldier who
 served in Vietnam or his own campaign "team" members, he isn't loyal to anybody but himself. So long as you don't want to be president
 of the United States, that kind of character flaw doesn't matter to me.

I was disgusted at the behavior of Bill Clinton and disagreed with his politics, but that was different than Kerry. Kerry will, without hesitation,
 take the side of the enemy because they're being "oppressed" by the big, mean U.S. His main job, constitutionally, is to be Commander
of the U.S. Army and his is not qualified for the job. John Kerry is mentally and morally unstable. He cannot stand up under pressure and would
 not put the welfare of the United States and her soldiers before his own career or the desires of brutal governments or Islamic extremists.

 Don't take my word for it, just look at his own history; not the sanitized history spoon fed the American people by those who have, at best,
a warped sense of loyalty to this great country and those who defend freedom. John Kerry's own track record of doing everything to undermine
 the military and the US is available for those who don't live in a bubble of their own making. Ask yourself, "Would I trust John Kerry to defend me
in battle?"
My answer?
 "I wouldn't and I don't."
 L. Reed
wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter, and sister of veterans and active duty soldiers

I remember John Kerry! Every Thursday morning the television gave the casualties in Viet Nam for the previous week. One morning
while I was watching they did some senate hearings, who was speaking but John Kerry. There were men dying every day in Viet Nam
 and we had Prisoners of War in their prisons and here set a guy claiming that we, United States of America, was the War Criminals.
I could not believe it. I coud not believe the marches or the demonstration while we had men dying. I will never forget my feeling

Now I have a son that is career military and can not believe that this man wants to be his commander-in-chief. I say no, I say HELL NO!!
Why does the main stream press ignore these facts and love the people that agree with Kerry but criticize the people who just wants the
truth out? Is there no justice for the veterans and the military men now in the armed services.

What can I do?

Connie L. Koenig

As man who teaches of God and His message, I found your site to have a reasoned and methodical presentation,
without hate, hype, or fabrication. This is the most powerful way to get your message across, and I salute you
on the way you handled the message and its delivery. You give insight, information, and links to assist a
searcher in their own efforts to know
more. Totally professional!

As a Nam Vet, I found this site to be also, painful, but you say what must be said, and in a way that doesn't
pull fingernails across the old unhealed scars Nam Vets carry inside. I thank you for that respect, something I didn't
get for a long time as a Nam Vet. To see Kerry finally have to stand before a tribunal and answer for HIS admitted
war crimes and prison, or have to confess he lied about the stain he put on all Vets is the dream of a lot of vets! To
 see Kerry tried for 'aid and comfort to the enemy' charges in a time of war, is another trial I want to watch! And finally,
to see Kerry fall from the position he gained on the crimes he committed over the honor and pride of the American
Veteran living and dead, to that of the common man he hates so, will be punishment indeed for one of his nature. It is
I think, websites like yours that will be the key to bring Kerry to the justice he has long avoided. Thanks for the hard work,
 it is a welcome change from all the lefty hype sites defending a traitor, and an admitted war criminal. LindaSOG thought
 I might find this site interesting, and she was correct. Keep up the good work, its time for the truth to come out into the light
of day.

Rev. Johnn 'Trike' Schroeder

I cannot even explain the disgust I feel for Kerry and the way he spread his whipped up lies on Vietnam vets. Kerry should be forced to visit
Vets that have no choice but to live in Vet hospitals and nursing homes because of what THEY went through mentally and physically.

I have been in the medical field for 10 years taking care of the elderly,the sick,the dying,and yes Vietnam Vets and I have yet seen any support
from Kerry for any of these individuals that have given up some part or ALL of their lives for our future.

April 22 1971 was a day that most Vets will always remember,its a day that has left them speechless even today,its a day that has left them
feeling unwanted from society..even today because they are in nursing homes..speechless,demented,delusional,hallucinations,and most
suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder,waking up in the middle of the night still with nightmares and attacking their caregivers in defense.

I would savor the day Kerry has the "balls" (like he did that day on April 22,1971) to come to these people and apologize for what he said and
what he did. He made alot of damage on top of damage and its irreversible for most.

I will continue caring for those that are suffering and I will continue to care for our future..anyone that has that big Kerry sign in their yard is being
torn out and replaced with a Bush sign.


There are less than two months until the election, an election that will decide the next President of the United States. The man elected will be
the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans.

To show our solidarity as Americans, let's all get together and show each other our support for the candidate of our choice. It's time that we all
came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you support the policies and character of President George W. Bush, please drive with your headlights on during the day.

If you support John Kerry, please drive with your headlights off at night.

on line at


People wake the hell up!!! The majority of you on this site are still pissed off that your war in vietnam was a collasal
mistake and you took part in it. Your govement used you as a pawn just like they are now using us again as pawns
for reasons other than honorable. General Westmorland and Robert McNamara know it was a mistake and have
said it was a mistake. So why don't you just realize it was a mistake and realize there was nothing honorable about
 Vietnam or why we were there. You want to hate John Kerry for coming home and protesting the war then go right
ahead and let the hate eat you up. The fact was there were atrostities commited and if protesting the war ended it
sooner than later then you need to all ask yourselves why the hell you weren't out protesting the war yourselves. If you
 see someone doing something wrong do you turn a blind eye or do you confront the situation? A true hero is someone
 who stands for something n ot someone who follows the crowd. If you want to go on believing that John Kerry
personally attacked you by coming home and protesting the war and testifying to congress then maybe you need to look
at yourself cause you obviously feel guilty about something. If you want to read the real history of why we were in Vietnam
here is a link to the whole true history.</FONT>

Now open your eyes and take a look at King George W and his court. These men are cowards. They are using our young
men and women for more dishonorable purposes.

You need to ask yourselves why were we attacked? Lets take a look at the history of the middle east. When you think
of the middle east what comes to mind? Could it be Israel? If you don't know the history of Israel its time you go look
it up. Then maybe you'll have a concept of why we are hated buy the Muslim world. No its not about jelously and all the
other right wing propaganda thats floating around. Its our mideast policy for the last 50 some odd years. Oh and the
other reason we go to war these days MONEY!

Im not a big fan of how our government is run in general and i'm not at fan of either presidential candidate but Kerry is
 definitely the lesser of 2 evils.

It's time people quit qibling about the little things and join together to fight against the things that really matter before
its too late.

If Kerry gets elected I will be holding him accountable just like i expect our society should be holding King George W
accountable now. He is a miserable failure and he needs to go bottom line. If you can't see why he's wrong for this
country go read the declaration of independence and the charges against King George of England. You also read the
constitution and realize that as military men and women we took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the
US which I take very serious. By voting for G W Bush you are basically turning the Constitution into toilet paper.
Lastly I want to reinterate Heros stand up and protest when they know somethings wrong not walk by with a blind eye.
 Heros arent about medals they are about action and you should ask yourself why you didnt get out and do something
 to save you comrads and friends that died everyday during that war because you didnt!
Greg H
US Navy Active

(FYI, I met John Kerry prior to his stint in politics. He was an attorney for a friend of mine handling a suit against a hair replacement doctor around 1982. He asked one of his doctors, testifying in favor of his clients and my friend, to "adjust" the condition of the scalp of one of the plaintiffs prior to trial. I found him to be despicable in a short two minute meeting. I doubt the plaintiffs would come forward to testify to that.)

This is the message that I wanted to send.

About six months ago, there was an article in the NY Times stating that when Kerry was interviewed in 1971, in DC, he stated to the press and TV cameras that "we the Vietnam Veterans would be sleeping here outside, on the ground, in tents, in front of the White House" prior to the Vietnam War protest the next day. In fact, he left his comrades and slept in a plush Georgetown home, nice and comfy.

There are other key points about John Kerry that do not get mentioned.

Sen. Kerry has come from wealth and has gone to private schools. John Kerry is courting, and wants to be the leader of, Latinos, Blacks, Union members, Labor, Teachers, the disenfranchised, Catholics, Veterans, the sick and others who are left behind. Yet, in the 1996 debates against Gov. Weld, it was made public from his IRS filings that he gave nothing, not one thin dime, to any charity. This means that he gave nothing to the Jimmy Fund (there are Jimmy Fund signs are all over Fenway Park as it has been the favorite charity of Ted Williams and other Red Sox players for over 50 years), the Catholic Church (Boston's 2nd largest charitable source), AIDS Action Coalition, Homeless Shelters for Vets or anyone else, Children's Hospital, Cancer, United Way, or any charitable education organization for the poor and illiterate. He just doesn't care.

Also in the 1996 debates, it was made public that Kerry had a questionable relationship with a controversial Boston Real Estate developer. When asked where he lived for an 18 month period, Kerry replied, "I forget." How does anyone forget where he has lived for 18 months?

He lies and he just doesn't care about anyone but himself.
I have contributed to both the Bush-Cheney campaign and to the Vietnam Swift Boat Veterans.
Mike Feeney

Perhaps this site and Fox News should stop Masquerading partisan politics as non-partisan propaganda. I don't mind if you have views but stop with the dishonest portrayal of what it is. This really disgusts me. Oh yes and in response to a post by James Harton. I think he needs to step back and realize that the same thing would have happened
to him if it had been George W. Bush. But it seems that it is just more convenient to slander someone who he obviously already dislikes for other

Ben G.

I got really mad at John Kerry again last week.

I'm still not over being mad at him for the last thirty years, but this time, it was personal.

My wife and I have never seen the Grand Canyon. The kid graduated high school this year and amazingly enough turned out to be really responsible for so we decided to leave a loan with the house for a week or so and we took off for Arizona.

We were actually excited enough we were going to try and drive straight through. But old age and arthritis convinced us to spend two days getting there. We arrived late on Sunday night, August 8th, checked into our motel and collapsed into bed.

The next morning, we were up early, had breakfast and headed for the Grand Canyon.

So did John Kerry.

We were traveling in a Ford Focus. He arrived in a twenty car Amtrak train with an entourage of hundreds.

We waited in line for a shuttle bus to take us to the different points to observe the canyon. He traveled in a convoy of law enforcement vehicles and black Chevy Suburbans.

He got to see what ever he wanted. We got closed out of Powell Point the best view because John Kerry was more important than us.

After all, he got the Silver Star and three (count `em!) Purple Hearts.

He really does disgust me.

I came home from Vietnam after 26 months of straight combat. I wasn't on a boat like John Kerrry's hero, John Kennedy. I was on a helicopter. I wasn't as heroic as John Kerry. I only got the lesser Bronze Star and only one Purple Heart.

I came home in September, 1968 and was met by my parents at O'Hare in Chicago. No one spit on me. I didn't face any demonstrators. No one called me a baby killer.

I had a couple of months to finish and I did, down at Fort Rucker, Alabama. I spent every week end on the beach at Panama City and had some really good times. I got an early out to become a cop and in March, 1969, I started my life.

I talked about `Nam then, Some people were interested, not many, but some. Most of my pre `Nam friends treated my as if I had just been away at school or maybe sick with a serious illness. But no one treated me bad.

Life went on. I watched TV every night hoping to see the friends I left behind and trying to watch what was happening back in the `Nam.

There were many times that I kind of filled up with guilt for leaving but I was able to put it behind me. I was proud of how I had done and I was proud of the people I served with.

Take a moment. Think about when you came home from `Nam. Remember how it was. Remember when it changed.

I stopped talking about `Nam on April 22, 1971. I stopped admitting I was there, I even stopped admitting I was even in the service.

Because that's the day my entire country turned they're backs on Vietnam Veterans and me.

 Think back. Remember when you came home.  Was it before April 22 1971? How were you treated before then?

April 22 1971 was the day we became scum. That's the day Lieutenant John Kerry, US Navy told the US Senate that we had “committed rape, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians,  razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun,  poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam  in addition to the normal ravage of war and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”

Do you remember?

The next day 250,000 people descended on Washington to protest the war.

I was forced to deny my service, to deny devotion, to deny my allegiance because I had been labeled as a murderous genocidal criminal by testimony in the US Senate.

Do you remember?

Do you remember what it was like for us in the `70s? How about the 80s when we through our own welcome home parades and erected a memorial to the people we left behind?

John Kerry took a major part of my life and pride away from me.

I spent over 3,500 hours in combat in the air with the most loyal dedicated honest people I have ever known.

They didn't do any of those things. They wouldn't have allowed any one else to do it either.

Did it happen? Probably. Did the 2.7 million veterans all do those things?

I don't think so.

Atrocities happen every day in every situation. But in a controlled military environment it's almost impossible to happen.

But what about My Lai? It did happen and no one did any thing!

Not true, an Army helicopter pilot and his two crew members swooped down and stopped My Lai. He ordered a halt to the killing and his crewmembers used their weapons to defends the Vietnamese, not kill them.

John Kerry disgusts me. He has no honor. He tried to take my honor away for his own glorification.

He was successful for a while.

But now I'm back and I remember April 22, 1971.

That's the day John Kerry lied to the US Senate and to Americans every where for his own self promotion.

Remember when?

Remember when we said, “what goes around, comes around.” And “payback is a bitch”.

This time it's my turn.

James Harton


Unfit For Command

I  have my copy and am in the process of reading it. However I would like to ask your help.

I live in Deerfield, IL. a high income neighborhood suburb outside of Chicago. I wanted the book Unfit for Command. As soon as I heard it was being released I called Borders book store to find out when they would have copies in. I was told they did not know. I called five or six times more without luck. Today is Thursday.

Wed. early afternoon, Borders called me and told me my book was in. I picked up the book about 8:30. They are open until 11:00 every evening due to the high neighborhood literacy rate. I asked if they had another and was told, NO, they didn't. I asked when they would have more? I was told they don't know. I went back and forth with them several times and the Supervisor finally said, You can order it if you like! I said, Why do I need to order it if you are getting more.

Will I get the book sooner if I order it? She kind of mumbled, I don't know.

I then told her I would go to Barnes and Noble down the street. At Barnes & Noble I heard the same story. No, they didn't have a copy. No, they don't
know when they are getting any. I could order one if I like.

I feel that Borders and Barnes and Noble are not being cooperative in providing a supply of this book to the public. They both have tremendous book
purchasing leverage. If they wanted a 100 copies they would be the first to get them.

I feel this book is equivalent to the invention Fahrenheit 911, in its affect on people that read it. Many people that read this will be assured of its truth
by the sheer number of testements, in seeing what a meglomaniac Kerry is.


Ron Ford
Deerfield, IL


I am thrilled to actually view something that shows John Kerry for what he really is. It is very tiring and frustrating to hear nothing but anti-Bush, as the media, elite educators, not to mention the pompous of Hollywood, are Democratic liberals, and NEVER hear the truth about John Kerry!

I could proceed to give you all the many reasons why I dislike John Kerry, but that really isn't necessary. What is- is that I THANK you for this truth and offer my services, as a wife of a small business owner, who John Kerry will "finacially rape" if he is elected and the daughter of a officer in the National Guard who John Kerry has insulted, to help you in any way in getting George W. Bush re-elected!

Please keep up the good work as I will forward this on to EVERYONE on my buddy list- even if they are Democrats of which I don't have many "buddies" that are Democrats!

Thank you again and God bless you,

Michelle Barnett
Madison, Mississippi


Hello Again, John Kerry's publication of referenced date is anotherinstance where he refutes his sworn comments of the VVAW era of the late
60's and early 70's when he blamed all American troops of "WAR CRIMES" inVietnam. I quote: "I found understanding only in the shared experience ofthose for whom the war was personal, who had lost friends, and seen brotherslose arms and legs, who had seen all around them human beings fight andcurse, weep, and die. At times it seemed that we were the only ones whoreally understood that the faults in Vietnam were those of the war, not thewarriors."

In the foregoing comments , Mr. Kerry's says the direct opposite of hiscomments made before the U.S. Senate Committes condemning all who served ourdefense of South Vietnam. It makes obvious his comments are of convenienceto his current endeavors as they were during the late era of the war.

Somehow the American public must be convinced of his utilitarian use ofphrases that are no more than a convenience to his personal efforts! Hewill destroy our constitution, our culture, our nation's hope if electedPresident! We cannot allow this man access to the people's house!

Charles Brightwell

8/7/04; We are independents; we vote on issues and for the best man to win the presidency; after seeing the entire democratic convention and then catching that ad from swiftboat vets; watching the news; getting Kerry's voting record off the web (all 7l pages - wow); and then reading this entire web site, the verdict is in! Our family is definitely all voting for George Bush. We don't care what Kerry did 35 years ago. He's an idiot for saying anything negative about our guys who gave their lives for this country. What we wanted to know most importantly is if he changed at all; after reading and mass distributing his voting record, we ask ourselves - where has this man been? He
must have the worst voting record we have ever seen. And even on his votes, he certainly is not a man who has any conviction whatsoever; he changes his votes on the same issues which means that he certainly has no resolve or conviction about anything; sorry to say this, but the facts speak for themselves.

Mike Lucas

 Beware of John Kerry

I CAME home from a Memorial Day parade and dedication of the new WWII memorial in Downingtown and and turned on the news.
What do I see? John Kerry laying a wreath at the foot of the Vietnam memorial. What a disgrace and a slap in the face to all Vietnam vets.
To elect this man as our president would be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.
Wake up, America. Do not elect John Kerry as our next president!
Don Davies

Since the Organizations I belong to are not suppose to have any political stand on anything, including Presidential prospects, this will be a Personal Opinion.....

I fail to understand how any Vietnam Veteran can shake the hand of John Kerry. His actions after the War was incomprehensible. He lied about events that supposedly took place. He surrounded himself with others who, for the most part were not Vietnam Vets, or if they were, they lied about their exploits. His actions gave Aid and Comfort to the Enemy. And, because of his action our own POW's, and Troops in the field suffered. It prolonged the War (Look up Gen, Giap statements about protesters) and men died because of it.

This to me is a disgrace, and I would NEVER call these people my brothers for what they did. Its like helping Kerry do it all over again, by giving him Veteran credibility. Some people should consider their actions before going brain dead at the sight of a Politician.

Maybe its me, but I also feel offended by the other Veterans who come out for Kerry. Yes some of them are from WWII, and others from Korea. They support Kerry simply because he is a Democrat, and don't give a damn about the way he insulted ALL Vietnam Veterans.

I am not saying they should vote for Bush, I am saying they as Veterans should not condone his actions after the War, by showing him support in public. That shows me they could care less about how Vietnam Veterans were insulted, lied about, and how his actions hurt others still in harms way.

We are always being asked to support other Veterans in their efforts, and I do so willingly, and with pride. When others chose to discount Vietnam Veterans it bothers me deeply. Our War was not any less than theirs, and I am tired of being treated like the red headed step child. I am not saying we should act like lemmings, but Veterans should look at what impression it gives the public when one group is saying how wrong he was, and others cheer him on.

I vow that if other Veterans are treated with this lack of respect I will stand with them and fight those who insult them. So I say Welcome home to all those who came after us, and promise to help them when I can, and promise that I will never side with those who speak, or have spoke against you
SF / Tony C.


“It would be a think John Kerry has no principles or agenda. He just does not have any that he would dare reveal in an election year. . . . It is hard to believe there is much room on the political spectrum to the left of Ted Kennedy. But Mr. Kerry has found it. Now he has to hide it before the voters find out. . . . John Kerry should get the Academy Award if he succeeds in this year's challenging acting performance - but not the presidency.”

- Columnist Thomas Sowell

Magnificent Job!!!!!
The only thing missing was the pond as I consider Kerry pond scum!








OAKDALE, NY. 11769-1129
PHONE AND FAX 631-589-4392
CELL 631-379-1776

I would like to say that my fathers older brother Duane Garner was in the exact same platoon (if you will)with John Kerry. My Uncle died in 2000 from cancer of the lymph, which was from the Agent Orange. He never received anything from the Navy, even though the Navy stated that he was Killed in action. And that LOSER Kerry has all these "bandaid" medals.My father also was in the Navy and served two tours in vietnam. Thank God my father is still with us. John Kerry makes me sick!!!!
Thank you,
for letting me voice my facts,
-jennifer garner-
proud daughter/niece of vietnam vets

Your attempt at showing a fair and unbalanced webpage regarding these two political candidates only brings to mind one thing.......that they BOTH attempted to save their own lives during one of America's most conflicted times! One did it by getting into the Guard using his families influence and the other just acted like a reckless trigger-happy idiot upon finding a service-release loophole for such idiots.

I see Bush's service record is very very brief. I guess you thought that keeping it brief wound make it seem more concrete. But it does not. In fact for you to put up that little quip as his "service record" and then proceed to spew garbage about Kerry only supports the notion that your site is totally bogus. Plus you completely overlooked his (Bush's) attempts at staying stateside as well as his early release from duty to go to college. So much for honorable service....a lie of omission is still as lie please don't try to sell it to me as some simple truth. Bush and Kerry deserve each other. Bush's father served honorably. Bob Dole served honorably. Kerry and GW served like two post modern children playing a game to save their own skins. *(the only part I understand about them)
You know, Ralph Nader is looking better all the time! Rose Perot should run again too!

I am tired of hearing about people running for commander and chief who mostly just RAN RAN RAN during their days of military service. As far as I can tell they are BOTH cowards who shouldn't be trusted with drivers licenses let alone America's nuclear and military arsenal!

Shame on people like yourself who put together these sites.

John Mancho

if john is serious about his war crimes he comited during his tour in vietnam,then as man of principle,he should present himself in front of international court in hage. but i dont think the great hero has the guts.
yours truly

Most Vietnam Veterans will oppose John Kerry's nomination for President. He protested the Vietnam War with Hanoi Jane Fonda and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and has forfeited his chance to be an effective President for this country. John Kerry was an active member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and cannot have it both ways, war hero and war protestor.
Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap (Memoir, 1985) and Colonel Bui Tin (Wall Street Journal Aug 3, 1995) both confirmed the North Vietnamese were considering giving up until war protesters Jane Fonda and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark visited North Vietnam and gave them new hope. War protestor Kerry personally contributed to extending the war by encouraging the enemy which led to the loss of more American lives. We all need to push enforcement of our United States Constitution, Amendment XIV - John Kerry engaged in insurrection or rebellion against America and did give aid and comfort to North Vietnam.
I was flying a B-52D over North Vietnam when Hanoi Jane's picture was taken in Jun 1972 at the anti-aircraft gun position, so rest assured, I understood the impact. Think about the facts. As War Protestor Kerry, the commissioned Naval Reserve Officer, led the war protests in America while 15 B-52 bombers and crews were shot down during Linebacker II in December 1972. To have him as President would be an insult to every one of the over 58,000 who are remembered on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC and especially to 33 of my comrades killed in Linebacker II in Dec 1972.
Massachusetts can make him a Senator, but report the real story. He used very poor judgment protesting against his country and surely cannot be supported for President of the United States. Most Vietnam Veterans will never support Kerry for President except for one group – those died-in-the-wool Bush haters. I was recalled to active duty to fight the GWOT but rest assured I'd refuse to serve one day under this man!
Theron Sims
Arlington, VA 22209

Kerry The Post Turtle

Suturing a laceration on the hand of a 70-year-old Massachusetts business tycoon, a doctor and his patient were talking about Senator John Kerry possibly being in the White House one day.

The old tycoon said, "Well, ya know, Kerry is a 'post turtle'."

Not knowing what  his patient meant by that, the doctor inquired what a post turtle was.

The old man said, "You know, when you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, well that's a post turtle."

Seeing a puzzled look on the doctor's face, he continued to explain, "You know he didn't get there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he can't get anything done while he's up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid bastard get down."

Doc Williams

I am the daughter of a POW MIA still unaccounted for from Vietnam, I wouldn't vote for JK if my fathers remains were involved, and they are..... thank you for your work on trying to keep him out of office.
Diane Moore,
Proud daughter of
CMSgt Thomas Moore,USAF
POW MIA South Vietnam 10-31-1965
still unaccounted for.2004
my dads web site,
POW MIA families against John Kerry at

The position of Tony Blair's government in Britain today is further undermined by the Spanish vote, so that it is quite possible that the British, too, may soon abandon what the Europeans now choose to call "Bush's war", rather than "Osama's war".

A good question might be asked of the Bush administration, in light of the Spanish election. It was articulated by an American friend yesterday: "Before we waste another drop of blood trying to create democracies in the Middle East, shouldn't we reflect a bit on how easily democracy in Spain was subverted by terrorists?"

One must not, under the present circumstances, sound an uncertain trumpet. All men of goodwill, regardless of nation, are fighting the Jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq, as we fought the Nazis in Italy and France; and if the Americans must fight them alone, so be it. Then as now we made a lot of blather about "democracy". But screw democracy, we are fighting an enemy of civilization, an embodiment of real evil. There is no compromise with such an enemy, no capitulation to him, no way to avoid casualties, no easy way out. We defeat him, or he defeats us.

We do not retreat because our allies are cowards. We continue to fight, for ourselves, for our children, and for the cowards' children.
David Warren
(c) Ottawa Citizen

I have 1 good thing to say about John Kerry. When he dies, he will make GREAT fertilizer.

Robert Mahon, P. E.
Factory Manager,
Marking & Coding Products

EMAIL EXCERPT: “Sadly, the current drift of the campaigning is getting quite dirty on behalf of both candidates.”

GWB is not attacking Kerry. I am. I do not belong to the Bush/Cheney campaign, Republican National Committee, or anything like that. My thoughts are my own. I am a concerned, patriotic, angry-at-Kerry Vietnam veteran.

Kerry has attacked Bush with outrageous, outright lies, many times.

Example. LIE: TODAY SHOW, Feb 25, John Kerry (direct quote): "I believe that this administration, which incidentally, wanted to cut the pay of troops, which has not provided body armor to many of our young people that’s up to date in Iraq. You've got families in Ohio going out and raising money from friends to buy body armor and send to their kids in Iraq. I think this administration has, you know, chosen extraordinary priorities - cutting the VA budget so they could actually give a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans."

FACT: Senate Bill 1689, Passed the Senate by an 87-12 margin on 10/17/03. Kerry was one of the 12 who voted against it. It was a bill to provide body armor for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care for reservists, support for families, and better meals for wounded soldiers.

2ND FACT: Veterans getting health benefits has gone up 27% under Bush's budgets ( Bush has raised pay for soldiers 21% and Kerry voted against military pay raises 12 times. Bush's fiscal year 2005 budget for VA medical care is more than 40% higher than when Bush too office.

3rd FACT: Kerry, supposedly taking care of his "Band of Brothers" has only proposed a grand total of four vets bills (which went nowhere) in over 18 years in the Senate. One of those was this year, and he signed on 6 others this year, while running for Prez. Check it out for yourself at the Library of Congress website"
For 18 years John F. Kerry voted against the first Gulf War and every major weapons system, proposed military pay raise, and bills to upgrade and improve our intelligence services.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Don't listen to me. Investigate for yourself. Thank you for your letter


As a 20 year old college student, I would like to say thank you to all the men and women who fought back in the Vietnam days and the ones who continue to do so throughout the world today. I am proud to see our veterans, although not in militaristic/physical combat, still fighting to uphold the values of the United States of America. I believe that Senator Kerry is very much out of touch with those values. Mr. Kerry, in my opinion, believes that the government controls the people. To an extent, that is the purpose of a government. However, he is quick to forget that the U.S. is still a democracy, and our government is run by the PEOPLE. I think all veterans and service people should have their vote counted three times! I will be sure to e-mail the link of this web-site to all my family and friends here in West Virginia. My state does and has historically always given the most troops of any state (per capita), so needless to say... even to us who aren't serving in the military... your sacrifices are very, very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Matt Holley

The State (Columbia, SC)
Thursday's Letters to the Editor

Throughout all the rhetoric in Iowa, it has been troubling to me that Sen. John Kerry's affiliation with the anti-war group, The Vietnam Veterans Against the War, has received almost no mention.

I believe it is important for all to remember that this group, by its very existence, gave comfort to the North Vietnamese leadership and by so doing lengthened the war, thereby causing more American casualties and, not incidentally, lengthened my stay as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton.

Though I have attempted through a mutual confidant to obtain an explanation from Sen. Kerry, none has been forthcoming. Thus I have concluded he clearly lacks the judgment and credibility to represent his party in our national election, much less be our president.

Col., USAF (Ret.)

To whom it may concern:

I just happened to run across your site. Most enlightening and interesting. I can't wait until later in the day to dig into many of the articles. Some I have seen; many I have not.
As an aside, below is a copy of a letter I sent to Sen. McCain yesterday (with copies to NY Post, Boston Globe,Washington Times, Wall St.Journal and several papers in Arizona) re: his comments about refraining from discussing Vietnam during the upcoming campaign: Here are McCain's comments:

McCain Warns: Don't Politicize Vietnam
Sen. John McCain warned on Sunday that attempts to politicize the Vietnam War risk turning the presidential campaign into the ugliest in American history, saying that both President Bush and Sen. Kerry should focus on more current issues.
"I think this is probably going to be the nastiest campaign we've ever seen from both sides," McCain told ABC's "This Week." "An example of the unfortunate aspect of it is this dredging up Vietnam."
"I've spent the last 30 years trying to heal the wounds of Vietnam," the Arizona Republican complained. "Now we seem to be wanting to reopen them."
Addressing charges from Democratic Party officials that Bush's National Guard service was inferior to Kerry's stint in Vietnam, McCain said, "I believe that both President Bush and John Kerry served honorably."
McCain said that most younger voters regard the Vietnam War as "ancient history," and he warned that unless both candidates stick to relevant issues lower voter turnout could result.


(Feel free to post it, forward it to whoever you think might publish it and or benefit from/enjoy it. Thanks. Keep the faith and keep up the "good fight.")
Michael Johnson

March 9, 2004
Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Dear Senator McCain:
Regarding your comments this past Sunday on ABC’s This Week, in which you more or less decreed the issue of Vietnam “off limits,” I must respectfully disagree with this assertion.
Yes, “we” also have spent the past 30 + years trying to heal our own “wounds” of Vietnam—not only those received on the field of battle, but more so, those we experienced after returning “to the world.” And who is the one person most responsible for having ripped the “scab off these wounds?” Not President Bush or any member of his administration or re-election committee! Not any of the other 8 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination! Not anyone in the media! It was none other than your “friend,” the most honorable Senator John F. Kerry in his quest to illustrate his knowledge of foreign policy and his qualifications to be Commander-in-Chief.
I for one, take umbrage with your suggestion that this is “ancient history.” It might be for you and others who have been exposed to revisionist accounts of history, but not for most of the Vietnam Veterans who have had to live with the stigma attributed to us, merely for having served our country honorably.
As you no doubt realize, we are the first—and only—members of our military to EVER have been treated with such scorn, ridicule, abhorrence and more or less, had a scarlet letter (A big “V”) imprinted on our psyche.
Moreover, what your “friend” did and said as part of the VVAW as well as his testimony before Congress, was reprehensible, misleading, denigrating to us, filled with innuendo and what is worse, Kerry knew this to be mostly fabricated if not outright lies.
Do you not realize how much harm this man, single-handedly, did to all of us who served in Vietnam? While the anti war movement had been active to a certain degree as early as the mid 60’s, most Americans recognized the “actors” (Hayden, Fonda, Spock, Fulbright, Ramsey Clark, et al) for who and what they were. Then, as that old song goes: “along came John!”
Kerry was not some poor, uneducated, disadvantaged young man who was drafted, sent to serve and returned totally discouraged, disgusted, disenfranchised and simply took to the streets in protest. No, here was this very educated, articulate, intelligent, “War Hero,” who had served in Vietnam and had a tremendous amount of credibility. Therefore, through his actions and especially his much reported testimony, helped give credence—and more or less “cemented”—the already insidious notion in this country, that we were all “drug-crazed, baby-killing, rapist, murdering, misfits or psychos!”
Perhaps you are one of such faith in your religion that you have seen fit in your heart to forgive him. I, on the other hand, while a good Christian, am very reluctant to consider such an act of charity (at least as far as Kerry is concerned) and thus, can not—and will not—forgive him until he admits the errors of his ways, including disassociating himself from the entire VVAW movement; repudiating all that he said and did during this period of time and moreover, renders a sincere and heartfelt apology to all of us—the “real” band of brothers.
In addition, it was not simply his impugning and denigrating an entire generation of fine young men and women, his actions bordered on giving comfort and aid to the enemy.
While many (he included) to this day, cling to the false premise that their “actions” helped end the war, it has been documented by none other than those we opposed and fought, including Gen Giap himself—who although for all practical purposes, their military forces had been soundly defeated as of the late 60’s—the enemy in fact, “prolonged” the war and held out for advantages and concessions they could never have realized on the field of battle. Did Kerry’s (and others’) actions cause any additional casualties? Did their conduct contribute to the additional time those of you had to spend languishing and suffering in the hands of the enemy? While debatable, it is nevertheless a very real possibility and one, which cannot be discounted out of hand.
IF, we are to allow your “friend” to parade his record of service for the 4 month he actually spent “in-country” as a “litmus test” if you will—and that was over 30 years ago—why is it not as germane to look as his actions/words/deeds AFTER he returned and was discharged—also more than 30 years ago?
If you are going to criticize anyone who might raise these issues and excoriate those who want to “dredge up the past” then are you not being just a little hypocritical from your apparent silence for the past year? During this period, your “friend” trotted out his war record, decorations and experience in Vietnam at EVERY opportunity he could. He “resurrected” the person whose life he saved. He paraded “his” “band of brothers” at every occasion possible. Thus, why are you only now (when there exists the real possibility that Kerry may be held accountable and made to answer for his conduct after Vietnam) admonishing all to refrain from even raising this subject?
While I certainly don’t expect you to criticize your “friend” nor do I expect to ever hear your mentioning his testimony before Sen. Fulbright, I believe that it would be in everyone’s interest (especially “we” Vietnam Veterans) if you—at the very least—would refrain from expressing such opinions on the subject in the future. I realize there are some Veterans who have questioned your (and Sen. Kerry’s) conduct vis-à-vis the POW/MIA issue and therefore, your responding to such criticism was logical. However, this unsolicited attempt to discourage any debate about Sen. Kerry and his Post-Vietnam conduct, is not appreciated, nor welcomed.
“We” have “earned” the right to dissent and reveal your “friend’s” actions and as much as we respect you for your service to our country and what you endured as a result there from, in addition to your service in Congress, NO ONE, is going to intimidate, frighten or otherwise cause us retreat, desist, nor in any way, suppress our voices and keep us from being heard.
In closing, I do not know if you have ever read the entire transcript of your “friend’s” testimony? If not, you probably should take the time to do so.
It is 32 pages and VERY interesting reading--not just his slander against all of "us" Vietnam Veterans, but much other interesting (heretofore not reported) admissions, such as his testifying that he had traveled to Paris and had "met with both delegations at the peace talks, that is to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government and all eight of Madam Binh’s points is has been stated time and again, and was stated by Senator Vance Hartke when he returned from Paris and it has been stated by many other officials of this Government, if the United States were to set a date for withdrawal the prisoners of war would be returned.” (P 186)
I thought there were FOUR parties (“delegations”) to the talks (The United States, the Government of The Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) the Provisional Revolutionary Government of The Republic of South Vietnam (Viet Cong) and The Government of The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). Guess it never occurred to Kerry to “meet” with the “other two” or to seek input from them. Might be “telling” as to his mindset, even then.
(As an aside, Mrs. Binh was the Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Viet Cong).
Moreover, what was John (Q-Private-Citizen) Kerry doing traveling to Paris to meet and negotiate with the enemies of this country during these sensitive (negotiations) time and while we were still engaged in combat; sustaining casualties; and had hundreds of POW’s languishing in North Vietnam?
Never mind anyone trying to find an association with Jane Fonda (although such can and has been documented), this (in my humble opinion) in itself, gives credence of his personally (based upon his own admission) meeting (and apparently “negotiating with”) the representatives of foreign governments and of the forces we were fighting; thereafter, repeating their propagandist lies and subsequently, posit their “peace plan,” thereby at the very least—if not culpable of having committed a felonious offense against our government—was definitely guilty of “giving comfort and aid to the enemy.” (SEE P. 186)

US Code TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 45 Sec. 953.
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any
correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any
foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures
of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. This section shall not abridge the right of a
citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from
such government or any of its agents or subjects

There is much additional information of a defamatory nature in these transcripts including his accusation that 60 – 80% of “us” (those serving in Vietnam) HAD USED DRUGS!!!!!! (SEE P. 205)
How he accused the U.S. of “murdering 200,000 South Vietnamese a year” and went on to express his total indifference and callous disregard for the fate of the people of South Vietnam if we were to withdraw unilaterally—which of course was his (and the communist “peace accord’s”) position. (SEE P. 190)
How he minimized the threat of hegemony by any other dictatorial regimes, most notably the Soviet Union and went so far as to say “and that is what I would say to the question of world peace. I think it is bogus, totally artificial. The Communist are not about to take over our McDonald hamburger stands.” (SEE P. 195)
There is much more, but I can imagine you will glean the rest for yourself.

Michael Johnson
A “Proud” Vietnam Veteran (1966-67)
Burlington, VT.

John Kerry has now opened his campaign by hyping the fact that he “cut and ran” from Viet Nam after only four months and getting some phony medals with an ad showing him wandering through the jungle (surprising that he did not show film of himself violating standard operating procedures by beaching his boat and chasing after Viet Cong on the shore, an action which normally would have led to immediate court-martial.) But let’s not look at his home movies – look at his record which is his sworn testimony before Congress and his actions:

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by John Kerry
to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations
April 23, 1971

“And so when thirty years from now our brothers go down the street without a leg, without an arm, or a face, and small boys ask why, we will be able to say "Vietnam" and not mean a desert, not a filthy obscene memory, but mean instead where America finally turned and where soldiers like us helped it in the turning.”

It is now thirty years since the United States and an international coalition of forces with SEATO which had been dedicated to the freedom of the South Vietnamese and the recognition of legitimate treaty obligations signed by a number of international parties abandoned the Republic of Viet Nam, allowing a full scale invasion an conquest by Communist North Viet Nam. It is also almost fifty years since the United States and the United Nations stopped communist aggression in both Korea as well as Germany, so it is a good time to do exactly what Kerry invited us to do – to ask “why” in thirty years.

After World War II, a republic was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a Communist-style government was installed in the north. During the Korean War (1950-1953), US and other UN forces intervened to defend South Korea from North Korean attacks supported by the Chinese. My father, who had been blown out of a B-17, shot while parachuting to the ground, and who spent two years in infamous Stalag Luft III in Germany, was recalled to service for the conflict. When as a young boy I asked “why” he had his wounds and was still called to service, he replied that he was serving his country, along with the thousands of others who were injured more severely, were also imprisoned, or who died in the conflict. He never put himself in a glorified ad campaign, he never sailed on JFK’s yacht, and he was not married into money. He just said this was his duty to his country, and he never complained.

An armistice was signed in 1953, splitting the Peninsula along a demilitarized zone at about the 38th parallel. Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth with per capita income rising to roughly 20 times the level of North Korea, becoming one of the wonders of Asia in terms of freedom, economic growth, and democracy. Fifty million people are now free and economically secure. North Korea, ruled by clinically insane KIM Chong-il, has one of the worst records in the world of starvation and oppression of its own people. In addition to now threatening others with nuclear weapons, the lunatic KIM Chong-il also routinely kidnaps actors and actresses from the south and from Japan, has them act in Godzilla movies, and engages in a number of other bizarre behaviors indicative of mental imbalance.

Also after World War II, West Germany was threatened by East Germany and the Soviets, first with blockade and then by invasion and liquidation by nuclear aggression. The proof of such plans was made clear with the declassification of the VENONA secret cables in the 1990s. (In July 1995, in a ceremony at CIA Headquarters, Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch released the first group of NSA's Venona translations to the public). The sacrifice of those who served in Germany and Europe like myself during the post war years insured that Germany, a country of about fifty million inhabitants at the time, also became one of the wonders of the world in terms of freedom, economic growth, and democracy. Serving at the Second General Hospital at the time, I can assure you that many servicemen and women now “go down the street without a leg, without an arm, or a face” as a result of their service in Germany to keep all of western Europe free. But it is their sacrifice, not their cowardice, that kept Europe free.

In contrast, the speech by Kerry, ghostwritten for him by others, was one part of the overall movement, which insured retreat and defeat in Viet Nam. The speech in particular was almost completely fabricated, accusing the United States of “murdering 200,000 people a year” in the Republic as well as a wide variety of various “war crimes” which never occurred and which were fabricated. The so-called “peace” and “anti-war” movements in the United States led neither to peace nor a cessation of war as the communists eventually broke all international treaties and gorged themselves on a spree of killing and repression upon the conquest of South Viet Nam which left twenty million South Vietnamese enslaved, probably another million killed, and three million Cambodians butchered like animals. General Vo Nguyen Giap attributed all of this “success” to the American “peace movement.”

So, as Kerry said: “And so when thirty years [later we] ask why, we [are] able to . . . where America . . . and where soldiers like us helped it in the turning,” we can see that true American soldiers helped the “turning” of South Korea and Western Europe into bastions of freedom and a economic strength and growth, while the failures of Viet Nam could not be more obvious. It is Viet Nam, not Korea or Europe, which is a “desert, and a filthy obscene memory,” and it is those service men and women who “lost a leg, an arm, or a face,” or even their lives, who made life different for all of those who now live in freedom instead of under butchers and madmen like Giap, Pol Pot, or KIM Chong-il. For our family, we are proud to say that our service “helped it in the turning” to insure that Europe and Korea became and remained free, not that we “helped in the turning” of Viet Nam and Cambodia into enslaved graveyards ruled by the Hanoi politburo. Let’s not have Kerry repeat the same mistake in Afghanistan and Iraq.

C. Alan Hopewell
Former Captain, USAR

Dear Mr. Kerry;

After spending only four months in the country of Vietnam, you testified before Congress in 1971 with these exact words about incidents you say you witnessed: "They personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blew up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Viet Nam."

Spread that on a farmer's field where it will do some good. I spent a year there in 1968-69 in a combat arms unit. I was a Field Artillery Forward Observer in an Infantry company and I saw combat every day until I was wounded. When I returned from the hospital, I was assigned to an artillery battery. I saw brave men fight and die; I saw brave, good men pass out all their rations to hungry kids, build churches and schools, donate to orphanages, cry silently at the sight of villagers slaughtered by North Vietnamese, but I never saw anything approaching the war crimes that you happened to witness as your boat sped by villages on the river bank. If you witnessed atrocities and did not report them, you are guilty of aiding and abetting. If you lied, you are simply unfit for leadership at any level. The most serious incident I witnessed was a young sergeant who grabbed the arm of a Vietnamese woman during a village search. An older, more experienced noncommissioned officer knocked the sergeant to the ground and told him, somewhat forcefully, that that woman was someone's mother and would be treated with respect. That's it, Kerry, that's my confession - I didn't report the incident.

I have children, and my children have children. They will, perhaps, stumble upon your words, much as one might stumble upon a pile of dog droppings. I do not relish the thought of having to explain that your "experiences" are either a bald-faced lie, or you belong to that less-than-1% of Viet Nam veterans who committed war crimes/atrocities. Either way, your words do great harm to the institution of the Senate, my home state of Massachusetts, the Armed Services in which I proudly served for 27 years, and the very country that you aspire to lead.
Is it true that you single-handedly prevented a vote on a Senate version of H.R. 2833, the Viet Nam Human Rights Act of 2001 - a bill that passed the House by a vote of 410-1? There are many who believe that our failure to speak decisively on that issue cost the lives of thousands of Montagnard tribesman in Viet Nam. Where do you stand on H.R. 1587, the Viet Nam Human Rights Act of 2003? Will you support a parallel bill in the Senate? Is it true that you served as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs and in that role you fought hard to limit the expenditure of funds to investigate sightings or search for remains? You have, I believe, been a steadfast, staunch and vocal advocate for normalizing relations with Viet Nam. Could it be that your beloved first cousin, Mr. Forbes, CEO of Colliers International, recently signed a contract with Hanoi worth billions of dollars? Any truth to the rumor that you didn't really fling your "hard-earned" military medals over the White House fence in a juvenile fit of pique as you say you did, but rather, you threw your roommate's medals instead?

I know dozens of retired military professionals. None of them support you - there is a reason for that. They all served honorably and well, and they all believe that you did not. I know war heroes, and your, sir, are no war hero.
-- Glenn Lackey

Here's a guy who's spent his political caree rpushing defense cuts and eliminating weapons systems, voted against at least 11 military pay increases and pushed to cut intelligence funding by 2 1/2 billion. This is the man the Democrats want to lead the war on terror?


 Doonesbury and the Winter Soldier
Scott Swett
February 24, 2004 |

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" reads a ~freepnet/kerry/graphics/Doonesbury2.jpg"Doonesbury cartoon character aloud.
"Who said that?" asks the reader’s roommate.

"John Kerry. To the Senate Foreign Relations Committee..."
"Too little, too late," replies the roommate; thinking the quote refers to Iraq.
" 1971," finishes the reader.

The message from Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau is obvious enough: America's military action in Iraq is a mistake, like our failed effort in Vietnam. Our soldiers there are dying for nothing. The decent thing to do is bring them home immediately. And John Kerry, a fellow Yale alumnus who happens to be the probable Democratic nominee for the Presidency, was a visionary, a man ahead of his time. It's just one more installment of Trudeau’s daily political sales pitch.

But there is a story connected to this particular cartoon that will never appear in Doonesbury.

In February of 1971, an event billed as "The Winter Soldier Investigation: An Inquiry into American War Crimes" was held in Detroit by the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War. More than one hundred veterans gave testimony about their experiences in Vietnam during the three-day meeting, as video cameras rolled. The men described being trained and ordered to murder civilians, to torture and kill prisoners, and gave eyewitness accounts of hundreds of atrocities, including group rapes and the burning of entire villages.

In early April, Senator Mark Hatfield asked for the Winter Soldier transcripts to be entered into the Congressional Record and called for an official investigation into American war crimes in Vietnam.

From April 18 - 23, more than a thousand VVAW members staged an "invasion" of Washington D.C. Members of the group held memorial ceremonies, met with sympathetic members of Congress, camped on the Mall, performed "guerilla theater" -- re-enactments of atrocities against civilians, complete with fake blood -- on the Capitol steps and in front of the Justice Department, and held a candlelight march around the White House carrying an upside-down American flag. A number of the veterans threw military medals and ribbons over a fence in front of the Capitol in a gesture of contempt. One of them was John Kerry.
On April 22, Kerry represented the VVAW protestors before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. It was there that he delivered the "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" quote used by Garry Trudeau in Doonesbury. That was not all John Kerry had to say to the Committee, however.
Echoing the talking points of the North Vietnamese leadership, Kerry labeled the Vietnam conflict "a civil war" and called the South Vietnamese government "a corrupt dictatorial regime." He said that the besieged South Vietnamese “only wanted to work in rice paddies without helicopters strafing them and bombs with napalm burning their villages.“ Kerry called racism "rampant in the military," claimed that "blacks provided the highest percentage of casualties," and accused America of placing "a cheapness on the lives of Orientals."

Kerry described the Winter Soldier event in Detroit as “an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged and many very highly decorated veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.” The veterans, said Kerry, “had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.” He accused America of being "more guilty than any other body of violations of [the] Geneva Conventions; in the use of free-fire zones, harassment interdiction fire, search-and-destroy missions, the bombings, the torture of prisoners, the killing of prisoners, all accepted policy by many units in South Vietnam." Kerry referred to war criminal Lt. William Calley as "a man who followed orders and who interpreted those orders no differently than hundreds of other men in Vietnam," and concluded by calling on his fellow veterans to "conquer the hate and the fear that have driven this country these last ten years and more."

Most of Kerry's remarks before the committee were published later in 1971 in the book "The New Soldier," credited to “John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against The War.” The book also included a timeline and photographs of the march on D.C. and excerpts from the Winter Soldier testimony. A documentary of the Detroit event was later released as "Winter Soldier," winning awards at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals.
Whether in print, on film, before microphones or on the street, the efforts of Kerry and the VVAW focused on a single objective: to convince the public that America’s military was committing vast numbers of atrocities in Vietnam; that they did so casually and routinely, as a matter of policy.
And they succeeded. Many American soldiers returned home from the war to find they were spat upon in the streets, reviled as baby-killers, and treated as pariahs by former friends. For decades the standard media image of a Vietnam veteran -- murderous, filthy, addicted, and too damaged psychologically to cope with civilian life -- was taken directly from the dark canvas painted by John Kerry and the VVAW in 1971.

But strangely, all those horrific accounts of rape, torture, arson and slaughter that the VVAW had recorded in Detroit seemed to evaporate once the real investigation demanded by Senator Hatfield began. As recounted in Guenter Lewy's 1978 book “America in Vietnam,” few witnesses agreed to talk with military investigators, even after being assured that they would not be asked about their own crimes. Many of those who did permit interviews turned out never to have been in combat. Some of the most gruesome claims came from men who were imposters using the names of real Vietnam veterans. One Marine who had been in combat eventually told investigators that a member of the Nation of Islam had helped prepare his statement, and admitted that he had never witnessed any of the atrocities he had testified to in Detroit. In the end, the Navy was unable to verify any of the hundreds of war crimes alleged by the Winter Soldier Investigation. Neither has anyone else during the 33 years since, including journalists, historians, and military and Congressional investigators.

In fact, the entire Winter Soldier Investigation that John Kerry represented so memorably before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was a fraud; a propaganda effort designed to horrify America into abandoning the war in Vietnam by poisoning public opinion against a generation of American soldiers.
The anti-war movement intensified rapidly during the months following the VVAW march on Washington. By January 1973, Congress had voted to eliminate funding for military operations in Indochina. The Nixon Administration signed the Treaty of Paris a few days later, and the first American prisoners of war were released by North Vietnam in February. They had been starved, beaten and tortured by their captors, in an effort to make them sign documents in which they admitted to committing war crimes and atrocities.

All American military personnel left Vietnam by April 1973. North Vietnam initiated minor probing attacks into South Vietnam during the fall of 1974, in violation of the Paris treaty. There was no military response by the United States. In early 1975, North Vietnam launched a massive invasion of South Vietnam. Saigon fell on April 30. The victorious communist regimes, which did in fact commit atrocities and mass murder as a matter of policy, celebrated with a killing spree throughout Southeast Asia. Over the next several years, an estimated two million Cambodians were slaughtered, as were tens of thousands of South Vietnamese. One million South Vietnamese were imprisoned in “re-education camps,” and two million more fled the country.
There is no record that John Kerry spoke out, then or ever, against these war crimes.

In his 1998 book “Stolen Valor,” which documented in detail the results of 10 years of research, B.G. Burkett finally laid the false stereotype to rest. He discovered that Vietnam veterans were actually more successful and psychologically healthy than their civilian contemporaries, and showed that black and white soldiers suffered casualties in about the same proportion as their relative populations in America. Burkett has also used service records from the National Archives to expose thousands of phony Vietnam vets. One was Al Hubbard, executive secretary of the VVAW in 1971 and a primary organizer of the Winter Soldier event who had claimed a heroic combat record as an Air Force pilot wounded in Vietnam. Burkett found that Hubbard was neither a pilot nor an officer, was never wounded, and was in fact never assigned to Vietnam at all.

Court martial records show that American war crimes did occur in Vietnam but were quite rare. The U.S. Army convicted 201 soldiers of serious offenses against Vietnamese, 95 of them homicides. Seventy-seven Marines were convicted, 27 for homicide. About one quarter of the total homicides occurred during combat operations. From 1965 through 1973 about 2,600,000 Americans troops served in Vietnam. In 1971, the year of the Winter Soldier Investigation, there were 690 homicides in Detroit, Michigan, population 1,500,000.

Today America faces a familiar choice: to continue our military operations overseas, or give up and bring the troops home. Does this country have the will to fight a protracted war against the terrorist networks and regimes that planned the mass murder of our citizens, even at the cost of ongoing casualties? Around the world, many people await the answer to that question with keen interest. Not all of them are our friends.

Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury tells us that John Kerry's words from 1971 are more relevant now than ever; that the War on Terror, like our struggle in Vietnam more than 30 years ago, is immoral and doomed to fail. But history does not always repeat itself, as Saddam Hussein has discovered. It’s not nearly as easy to smear America’s military with false atrocity charges – or to hide a politician’s ugly past -- in the Age of the Internet.
This time, let’s make our choice from the facts.
Not from bloodstained lies.

John Kerry's bandaide Purple Hearts
I spent 24 months in Vietnam, in the Infantry, and was wounded, with what I always considered to be minor wounds.  However, I was treated at a US hospital (91st or 96th Evac hospital in DaNang) for my wounds, which are described in my medical records as: "shrapnel wounds to the leg and head, deep and penetrating". I also received continuing medical treatment for about 2 weeks from medical personnel, under the supervision of a doctor, cleaning the wounds and changing the dressing .  The hospital put me in for the Purple Heart.  I wonder if Kerry ever went to the hospital for his 3 Purple Hearts. It is rumored that Kerry put himself in for the 3 PHMs.  Maybe he should open his records for us.  He was surely unlucky in a very short time.

But, what I really would like to know, from your personnel experiences, did you ever hear about the 3 Purple Heart rule - 3 PHMs and you get to go home?  I can honestly say that in 2 years in Vietnam I never heard of the 3 PHM rule.  I won't say it didn't exist, but certainly, in the Army, I never heard of it.  Kerry served 4 months in Vietnam, left Vietnam and then at his next assignment he got an early out from active duty in the Navy- I think about 8 months early.

Kerry is travelling around with his "band of brothers" from Vietnam.  Why doesn't he travel around with his band of brothers and sisters from the Anti-War movement - he spent more time with them than he spent with his ship mates in Vietnam.

I resented the anti-war movement, especially while I was serving in Vietnam.  I resented it because it didn't merely object to US policy, it supported the enemy.  They carried VC & NVA flags in their parades and some of them even met with the enemy in Europe and North Vietnam.  They also painted an inaccurate picture of war crimes by US soldiers, that is, at the very least, a personal attack on all of us who serve honorably in combat.  Two years after the US left Vietnam, when the North overran the South, Hanoi sent a delegation to NYC to claim South Vietnam's UN seat.  Two of the big cheeses in the Anti-war movement, David Dillenger and Cora Weise, threw a big bash for the delegation at the Waldorf Astoria.  Doesn't sound like these boys and girls were just protesting US policy.



"John Kerry Vietnam War hero." Everyday the media tiptoes around John Kerry as if he is an icon of service to the Nation. But why is his service to the nation in war not balanced against his return to longhaired freakdom to march against his fellow veterans still in the war, including myself? I was especially incensed when my communist captors quoted him in propaganda.

I had a discussion with Senator Kerry in Bangkok Thailand. He made some surprising statements during that exchange. He stated emphatically that I should provide him with any information I had on missing Americans. This he stated he would take to Hanoi to discuss with the Communists. He didn't seem to understand the Communists knew where the POWs were and needed no help from him to "find them." Expert on war? Hardly! He then stated that no matter what I had there would be no military operation to rescue them. In other words, Senator Kerry felt that Americans were worth talking about, but not worth fighting for.

Kerry brought up his service on patrol boats in Vietnam in a very defensive way with me, "you weren't the only one in that war, I was on those patrol boats?" My answer, "Surely you are not attempting to compare anything you did in that war to my contribution to that endeavor!" I did not say that to belittle the Senator, but to only give him a reality check. He said he had an important appointment. The insinuation was it dealt with the MIAs. Then a small child came up to us and said, "My Mom said it is time to go." Kerry sheepishly moved away. "All show and no go," just another paper thin ego.

I was invited to lunch by his staffer Francis. She stated in an adoring manner that John Kerry would someday be the President of the United States. My answer was short and succinct," Based on what?" She said, "He's a war hero." I said, "But he then marched in a filthy uniform and threw his medals over the White House fence." She then told me the medals were someone else's. I merely stated it showed disrespect to honors received on the battlefield by "Someone." End of discussion of that.

Someone in the Asian customs stated a rumor that Senator Kerry purchased a tiger skin in Vietnam and officials were told to ignore it. Somehow Vietnam Veterans got the story and as far as I know, there has never been a denial from the great "environmentalist" John Kerry. But true or not it gives a good look at how Kerry operates. Take the "war hero" the next. Take the "Champion of MIAs" one day and the "we aren't going to war for them" the next day and you have John Kerry.

Senator Kerry threatened to order me before his committee unless I gave him intelligence to carry to Hanoi. My answer? "you do not have to order me before your committee, I'll be there." I waited but, when I called Francis and said I was in America and ready to put the record straight on the rumor about Ross Perot being spread by committee staff, she said." I'm sorry Mark we have run out of money to bring you here." I said; "I have miles to burn and will pay my own way." She said she would discuss it with Kerry and get back to me. I never heard from her or the "War Hero" again. Vietnam Veterans beware. The best way to describe John Kerry's attempts to be all things to all people is, "Heinz 57."

There has been much sniping at President Bush for being a fighter pilot in the Air National Guard. Liberals who seem to believe September Eleventh was somehow our fault and most surely the President's, laugh at his flying to an aircraft carrier to welcome home U.S. Troops. They said he looked silly dressed as a pilot. No candidate for President had more right to dress like that, than George Bush; he is a fighter pilot. Where were these people, when the draft dodging Clinton wore a "Tanker Jacket" when visiting the troops? A part of a uniform he evaded wearing in time of war. I hope Kerry does not show up to see the troops, if elected, in the ragged field jacket and head band, he wore in the peace marches. When time to honor a battlefield hero, I hope he does not have a "flashback" and throw our Nation's highest award over the White House fence. After all, he does think throwing other people's medals over that fence is all right.

Lastly, as Guard and Reserve Troops fight and die for our freedom, I don't want any Commander In Chief who would think their service a joke. Further, if the big time Vietnam Veteran Kerry knew a thing about the Vietnam War, other than how deep the river was, he would know Guard and Reserve Pilots regularly flew combat missions in Vietnam. I for one appreciated the support.

"War Hero?" O.K., he received the Silver Star. But, "Expert" on war? No John, but those of us who are, will take the honest leadership of President Bush anytime over you. You have not changed a bit from the time of the Vietnam War. Your wet finger is still in the air checking the political winds, before making any decision or changing one already made. We are at war and I know war. Your brand of equivocation on every issue costs lives in a war and I don't want more dead and wounded here and abroad. You went to war and then marched against it and those of us who still fought. I know you as "Springtime Patriot" and then as a "Winter Soldier." People should look up what you said during your "Winter Soldier" days. You voted for the present war and now you condemn it. You may be an Ivy League graduate, but, your war record is minor league and your leadership is straight out of the "Waffle House." If being President is going to be based on medals earned in battle, there are a whole lot of us in front of you, John Kerry. There is one last thing that places all of your fellow veterans ahead of you in the honor department, with the exception of a few of your fellow "Winter Solders." We had too much respect for our fellow warriors, who fell on the field of battle, to throw even our lowest award over the White House fence. If you keep running on the "warrior ticket," you will lose sailor! For on that ticket, you are who you have always been.......NOBODY.

Mark A. Smith - DSC
Major, USA, Retired
Member, The Legion of Valor
Returned Prisoner of War
2723 West 179th Street
Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 366-7231
email -

I am a vietnam vet 1970 tour came home january 1971 to an honorable discharge and a prison bus waiting we asked why the bars on the windows and the windows were up and the bus driver told us that there were demostrators out side the gates of travis AFB we were on our way to oakland army base. I just wonder if Kerry was in that group. Sounds as though Kerry lied to get an early out of nam with the scratches and the purple hearts. Sorry he wont get my vote

1.On Dec. 2, 1968. Kerry reports He was slightly wounded on his arm, earning his first Purple Heart.

2.On Feb. 20, 1969 Kerry gets his second Purple Heart after reporting a minor wound in his left thigh.

3.On March 13, 1969,Kerry reports slight wounding in the right arm. He was awarded his third Purple Heart.

4.On March 14,1969,Kerryrequested to be sent home.Navy rules,Kerry pointed out, allowed a thrice-wounded soldier to return to the United States immediately.

5. In April 1969,Kerry having engineered an early transfer out of the conflict because of his three minor wounds, John Kerry left his crew behind and returned home to a sweet assignment as an aide to Rear Admiral Walter F. Schlech, Jr.




7. On the campaign trail, Sen. John Forbes Kerry regularly mentions his Vietnam War combat experience.However, the Massachusetts DemocRat doesn't like to talk much about how he received the awards or the time after he returned home when he was rubbing shoulders with Hanoi Jane Fonda as a much-celebrated organizer for Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), one of America's most radical pro-communist groups.



Thank you for having a page like this that one can gain valid information on this "most scary" candidate. He is truly a chameleon politician. Let's hope the elite media start taking him to task on his history, and what his core beliefs are - as no one yet knows - yet people are willing to replace a truly affective president who does show leadership and absolute core values. I lost a 26 yr. old son in the WTC attacks. I NEVER want to see anyone lose a loved one like that again in this country. Doesn't anyone understand we'll be at war for decades and need someone who understands that national security is the paramount issue facing us?
Janet Satterfield
Long Beach, CA

I started college in 1962. Between end of classes and graduation in 1966, I received my draft notice and was directed to go to the Armory in Newark, NJ for my induction physical. Due to a childhood eye injury, I was classified 1Y. The Sergeant told me that the Army wasn't ready to take "one-eyed " men yet and wished me luck. So I got a job and was never called again. From 1966 until today, I defended those of you who served so courageously. Many of my friends were part of the anti war movement and we had many, many heated debates over the years. It turned my stomach the way you guys were treated upon your return. Today, it appears that being a Vietnam vet is something that many are proud of and that others covet, i.e. Joseph Ellis, the historian. It is about time that you guys are getting the praise that you should have gotten when you came home. Some of you may have forgiven the protestors, but I have not. Recently, I read a book "A Better War" which tells the truth about our military success in Vietnam. It also quotes General Giap saying that despite being beaten on the battle field, the NVA would hold on while Jane Fonda and her followers protested. He said that "the war would be won in Washington, DC". Thousands on both sides died unnecessarily when there sould have been a North Vietnamese surrender in 1969. I do not consider John Kerry a hero. His anti war activities when he came home cancelled out anything he did in Vietnam as far as I'm concerned. Your "victory" will be complete when Jane, John and the others admit that their actions cost thousands of American lives. I intend to rub their noses in the truth until that happens.  
God bless you guys.
 Joe Cascarelli,
Westcliffe, CO.

Wow Doc,
You cuss "right good!" I can tell that my comments must've brought back some of your fonder memories as a medic in 'nam, what with all your lather about dickwads, cocksucking and reachin' up another guy's ass, and all. I gotta say though, I did get a chuckle out of the "Wanna buy a vowel Alex?" comment. By the way, buy is spelled "b-u-y" or did you mean to actually say "but?" If so, I think the kind you want is spelled "b-u-t-t." You know doc, if your gonna play with it, you ought to at least be able to spell it. And if you weren't such an ignorant fucker you'd know that IX Corps and USARJ were a part of your OWN command structure during the war. Sorry to confuse you with the facts. Now go take your meds and go back to your "fairy-tail" world. If it sounds like I'm not impressed, it's because I'm not.
Regards for a speedy recovery.

Mike Hall

See Fair and Balanced Post of the day below that is causing the ruckus by Mike Hall

Well Mike,
I can safely assure you if you would have kicked any of my dead troops in the jaw for whatever reason, I would have kicked your ass. I am
confident that there were times in which situations demanded that a dog tag be secured in whatever area would allow it to be used as the identity of a KIA/WIA but in my own experiences, I have never seen that. In my time, 69,70 and 71, we took one dog tag and placed in on our boot and the other we left on our neck. That way, if we hit a mine or booby trap, the chance of being able to find part of us with a Dog tag on, would be greater. I flew as a medic in the 498th Dustoff and to my knowledge, I never heard of it there either. When I was with Troop F, 17th ACAV, WE HAD SEVERAL DEAD. None ever had their dog tags put in their mouth. However, it certainly could have happened.

The ascertations that you make about the group of 19 ARE public record. We all know what you are alluding to but then we already know about them and accept them as being fact. Thus, we do not necessarily love everything about them but in our minds, they are explained far better than are Kerrys. Are Kerrys war records public? Are his awards open for all to see? If so, then if you served in any combat unit in Vietnam, find me another citation that awarded a Silver Star for an action similar to Kerrys. from your unit. As well, if you compare it to some of the other "career enhancers" then you should be hard pressed to feel that it was deserved. I was a Combat Medic as well as a Dustoff Medic. In my time in both units, not once was such a trivial event rewarded with a Silver Star. Far more acts of Gallantry had to be performed. Even so, as a person who expereinced his fair share of walking the walk, no unit I served in would have given any wawrd for such an action. We called it routine.
As far as being a National Socialist, well i am from Quebec and at most times we are viewed as being Nationalist and socailist in Government. My guess is however, that people who use that term are referring to a Nazis and thus exposing their own political agenda-comrade.

You give a typical weak arguement as to why you do not support Bush, however, when is your faction going to demand fact from your faction and not just accept it as fact without facts? Go on public record demanding to see the same military documentation(or lack of it) you say is available for the group of 19, for Kerry and his circle. As well, as his record as a Senator is also public, look it over carefully and without blinders. Then look me in the eyes and say this: Everything Kerry ha said, done and will do is the truth. If you can do that, then vote for him.

Paul Doc Ferguson
14th Med. Det
498th Dustoff
Jan.69-Sept. 70
Troop F 196th LIB
Mar. 71-August 71
USA Army Retired (May 72)

Hey Hall:
I'm sorry, when you lower yourself to yelling things like FACTS, JACK,PRECIOUS, it makes me think your ball of twine is coming undone. Does it really matter if Pres. Bush got out early or stayed day for day, does it matter if Cheney served or not, maybe he did have better things to do.

My point is that neither Bush nor Cheney moved to Canada to skip out on the service. Neither Bush nor Cheney through military awards over the fence at the White House. What they did was neither illegal nor immoral. Yelling is usually a sign of lose of temper. Trying to make a serious point while calling someone names (i.e. twinkle toes). He says the Iraq War turned out bad? I'll agree, if you were a member of the ruling class of Sadam's organization, then yes, the Iraq War has turned out bad. Do the people of Iraq think so, overall don't sound like it to me. He states that Pres. Bush used daddys help to get into the Nat. Grd so he didn't have to go to Nam. Is that true or is that what he would like to truth to be? If he was in Bush's position, would he have done the same? No one knows. He talks about "them not having qualms about sending others to war, Clinton didn't have a problem with that either. Far as I can tell (I'm no expert), there hasn't been a president yet that was not willing (in the long run) to send others off to do their fighting and dying for them (as President they stood for the country). Last but not least I am sorry that he felt the need to not only call you names but to call people he has never met and does not know names (i.e. You're just like all the rest of your "too good to be bothered with reality" groupies. "Oh, please don't confuse me with the facts, I know I'm right" right-wing crybabies). Mike Hall, your an asshole who would rather shout and run off at the mouth that talk one on one with Ron over this. You were in Nam? Doing what? REMF Stealing supplies at the supply depot and then telling "war stories in the bars with your REMF buddies?

CPO Don Taylor, USN (Ret)
48th AHC Crewchief/Doorgunner

Hey Hall, you DICKWAD! This shit you wrote below, F*** YOU, you Wannabe limpdick motherf***r!!!! Oh, bye the way, IX Corps my mother****in ass! Ain`t no such F***ing thing asswipe! It`s little cocksuckers like you, dancing on the bones of REAL Vietnam Vets, that makes me want to reach up your ass and pull your F***ing ears off. I WAS, a f****ing Vietnam Vet! I was Medic/Doorgunnner on UH1-H`s in III Corps/Bearcat. Ever hear of that place f***stick? Have a f***king clue what that is cocksucker? Take your little radical liberal cocksucking raving and shove it up your ass mother f***er! Oh, please feel free to reply. Wanna buy a vowel Alex? ps, F*** You Again WANNABE!

Doc Hyatt
HHQ- 1stCav229thAHB"Bearcat"70-71
B-co"Killer Spades"{slicks}
D-co"Smiling Tigers"{cobras}
(He has been given Docs e-mail for back channel conclusion) Fair and Balanced all the way

Hey Ron,
Fair and balanced, eh? OK, now that you've posted the ravings of a deluded and boorish lout (not an original thought in his pointed head)... Did you balance his uninformed tirade with the thoughts of someone with a littlemore intelligence and better manners?

I'd pay big bucks to see this "WALKING THE WALK" asshole get bitch-slapped by a real soldier. Is that his email address at the bottom?

Steve Shepard
Vietnam Veteran Against Kerry

Only a 25 cent phony would repeat the myth about putting dog tags between the teeth and kicking the jaw to make sure they stayed put! IF he did serve at all I would not be suprised if he was the "fragging type" but I suspect his bragging is indicative of his either lack of service or lack of combat experience.

There was no 9th Corps in the Vietnam I served in........


Hey Hall, lets start this off right:
1. there is no IX corp, so that tells me your not a Vietnam vet.
2. I was In Cu Chi Vietnam flying around in helicopter  gunships getting my ass shot 68 69
3. Bush may be many things but not a liar, and lays his cards on the table for everyone to see, and he has balls enough to keep this country safe.
4. So what, Clinton served his time in Russia or getting a blow job., but this isn't about Clinton just as this isn't about Cheny or Wolfowitz...
5 I have no problem with Kerry's service in Vietnam, that is not the issue. He must have gotten purple hearts for hang nails though.
6. Kerry left Vietnam 8 months early, and then the Military wheres the difference?
7. Not my beloved Cheney, I aint real fond of him either. Him and Hillary would make a cute couple.
8.As far as Cheney having better things to do, I don't blame him if he was smart enough to get out of did I .but alas I got drafted before I could get into Oxford , did my job and kept my mouth shut, with honor. unlike some people I know.
9. No, between 68 and 69 I was saving grunts lives JACK. Bringing them food, ammo, rockets, mail,a cold beer, dusting off their wounded, hauling out bodies......thats where I was

Where were you?

I got afew medals, for my efforts ......and nightmares, but then that don't matter much here. the point is Kerry broke the bond, he is more in favor of North Vietnam and  a fast buck,  and f*** the POWs than about me or you Thats a Fact Jack. Being a person that won a Silver Star don't give you immunity for life, for what you did AFTER VIETNAM


The Fair and Balanced Comment of the day!

As a Vietnam Veteran (IX Corps, USASA). I'd just like to know where you were during Vietnam, twinkle-toes! Bush is a coward AND a liar. He used his daddy's connections to leapfrog 500 others to get into the Texas Air National Guard to AVOID serving in Vietnam, PUBLIC RECORD JACK - pulled strings to get out 8 months early so he could enroll in HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL - honorable discharge my ass! When your beloved Mr. Cheney was asked why HE didn't serve during Vietnam, he said "I had better things to do." His words, not mine and PUBLIC RECORD JACK! Wolfowitz didn't have the guts to serve in ANY capacity, as neither did others in the gang of nineteen that form the core of the organization, "Foundation for a New American Century," (or whatever the hell they call themselves) like say, Richard Perle. PUBLIC RECORD JACK! Hmmm...... When they saw the writing on the wall about how BAD an idea the Iraq War turned out to be, they all did exactly what they did during Vietnam, they ducked their little rat-ass tails and BAILED, (check the "PUBLIC RECORD" about Richard Perle's departure from the "National Defense Advisory Group"). Just like in Vietnam, they don't have any qualms about war, so long as it's somebody else or somebody else's kid doing their fighting and dying for them - 532 and counting! By the way, those were REAL, AMERICAN moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons. They really did exist and they really are DEAD! PUBLIC RECORD JACK! None of the lying sons-of-bitches's who sent them to their deaths ever served a MINUTE in combat. PUBLIC RECORD JACK! Had any of these sorry-asses served in my unit they would've been "fragged." Any of your National Socialist comrades familiar with the meaning of that "word?" Any of your comrades ever kicked a corpse in the chin to make sure the "tag'" gets nice and firmly jammed up into the jawbone between the teeth. You know, there's a reason why they give you TWO tags to wear around your neck. Don't give me any of that "fair and balanced" bullshit! You're just like all the rest of your "too good to be bothered with reality" groupies. "Oh, please don't confuse me with the facts, I know I'm right" right-wing crybabies! You're really good at "talking the talk." Ever tried actually "WALKING THE WALK?" I HAVE! So tell me where were you say, around 1968 - 1975? Still lickin' your mother's tit I suspect! In fact, I suspect you probably still are, since you believe any fairy-tale that Bush pukes out. "Just the FACTS, JACK!" PRINT THIS IN YOUR "FAIR AND BALANCED" COMMENTS SECTION - PRECIOUS! In the meantime, make sure you get your FACTS straight - or do you not have the guts it takes to actually BE "fair and balanced?" I suspect you'll prove me right.

Mike Hall

Well, he wanted it posted for the Real Vets to see...he will regret it!...Fair and Balanced, Posted as requested, now where is my flack Jacket..??

Thanks, Ron. Our ship, the USS Ft. Marion LSD-22 carried the first Swift Boats in and lost friends on the first one to get sunk..unfortunately because they grabbed a fishing flag and set off the mine directly under the con.
Kerry's story hasn't rung true and there are many people who would like to find out his real story.
Ed Chew


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he's afool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

The grasshopper has no food or shelter so he dies out in the cold.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself!


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he's afool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold starving.

CBS, NBC and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food. America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper, and everybody cries when they sing "It's Not Easy Being Green."

Jesse Jackson stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house where the news stations film the group singing "We shall overcome." Jesse then has the group kneel down to pray to God for the grasshopper's sake.

John Kerry exclaims in an interview with Peter Jennings that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and calls for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his "fair share."

Finally, the EEOC drafts the "Economic Equity and Anti Grasshopper Act", retroactive to the beginning of the summer. The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the government.

Hillary gets her old law firm to represent the grasshopper in a defamation suit against the ant, and the case is tried before a panel of federal judges that Bill appointed from a list of welfare recipients. The ant loses the case.

The story ends as we see the grasshopper finishing up the last bits of the ant's food while the government house he is in, which just happens to
be the ant's old house, crumbles around him because he doesn't maintain it.

The ant has disappeared in the snow.

The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident and the house,now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the once peaceful neighborhood.


George Fox

How Bush’s Opponents Use a Goebbels Formula

Did you know that President Bush has hazel eyes? I didn’t. I was under the impression his eyes were blue until I read his DD214, which everyone in the left-stream press seemed to have trouble finding until this week.

This discharge form confirms that George Bush did, indeed, get an honorable discharge from the National Guard. He served five years, four months, and five days. He was scheduled to serve six but left early, as permitted, to return to school.

The DD214 is a standard military form, but Terry McAuliffe, head of the DNC, doesn’t see it that way.

“George Bush never served in the military and our country,” he said February 1 on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Perhaps he would like to explain that to the 6,140 National Guardsmen who served in Vietnam, or perhaps send his regrets to the families of the 101 who were killed.

The cover of this week’s Time magazine shows two faces of the president with the words “Does Bush Have a Credibility Gap?” between them.

Hitler’s chief propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, invented the following formula: Invent the lie; repeat it often,and it will become the truth, no matter what the facts are. Mr. Bush’s opponents are using this formula to try to convince the country he is a liar. They are repeatedly insisting the president said the danger from Iraq was imminent. Mr. Bush actually said we must not wait until it’s imminent.

They insist Mr. Bush referred to a discredited Niger nuclear connection in his 2002 State of the Union address. Lying Al Franken repeats this lie in his book, “Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.” Mr. Bush never once mentioned Niger. The BBC reporter who charged Mr. Bush and Prime Minister Blair overhyped this nuclear threat in Africa has admitted he had no basis for this assertion and two BBC officials have resigned in disgrace.

None of this will mean anything to Mr. Bush’s enemies. Michael Moore and other Hollywood celebrities are so eager to dethrone Dubya that they will resort to the meanest, vilest, most profane language to stir up the masses. ABBA, according to Newsweek’s Anna Quindlen, is not a Swedish singing group but rather a person who lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and will vote for Anybody But Bush Again.

For anyone truly interested in learning the truth about Mr. Bush’s National Guard duty, please go online and read the Washington Times op-ed by retired Colonel William Campenni.

I watched our president being grilled this Sunday by Tim Russert on “Meet the Press.” Mr. Bush is admittedly not very telegenic. He is not glib. Words do not mellifluously flow from his lips. He tends to “er” and “umm” a lot.He is a good man,a decent man,and when Mr. Russert brought up the ridiculous charge of the National Guard again, his response was,“It’s fine to go after me, which I expect the other side will do. I wouldn’t denigrate service to the Guard, though, and the reason I wouldn’t,is because there are a lot of really fine people who served in the National Guard and who are serving in the National Guard today in Iraq.”

The trouble with both Bushes, pere et fils, is that they are too patrician. I would dearly have loved to see Dubya belt Mr. Russert during the hour-long inquisition for wasting his valuable time over the same dumb questions. Am I the only one sick and tired of hearing about WMDs? Did Hitler have weapons of mass destruction? Were we in imminent danger of attack from Germany? Why didn’t we just attack Japan after Pearl Harbor? Hitler managed to kill millions of people. Were we supposed to ignore that? There have been 263 mass graves found in Iraq, some reportedly with as many as 10,000 bodies. The stories of Saddam’s atrocities are legion and this means absolutely nothing to the ABBAs.

Here’s a reminder, you moronic nimrods: WE ARE AT WAR. Maniacs flew jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.Thousands died.There is no conventional way to attack people who cannot be reasoned with.They are immune to diplomacy.You in your safe apartments can kvetch all you want about Mr. Bush’s social agendas but it will mean nothing if we don’t defeat the enemy. You cannot reason with these fanatics.They want to kill you.

Not one of Mr. Bush’s opponents seems to understand this. Front-runner John Kerry seems to think that his war record in Vietnam outweighs Mr. Bush’s National Guard duty. Not so fast, senator from the state that keeps re-electing Chappaquiddick Kennedy. Your tour in Vietnam and Purple Hearts for superficial wounds won’t be able to overshadow your connection with Hanoi Jane, so don’t expect Vietnam vets to forget that your anti-war efforts doomed your fellow soldiers. We did not lose in Vietnam. We quit. Is that what you want us to do in Iraq?

I,for one,am not that impressed with war heroes who conspired against their country in wartime. After all, Benedict Arnold was one, too.

(Or, Reason Number One That I Will Not Vote for John Kerry)

It seems to me that our current crop of politicians say/promise whatever is necessary about real or created issues to get elected. Maybe it has always been so. Nevertheless, given that as a premise we are left with the choice of deciding which issue is most important and to vote based on how we think each candidate will do on delivering on his promises regarding that issue. The candidates in 2004 are likely to be Pres. George W. Bush vs. Sen. John Kerry. Both will babble incessantly about a variety of issues appealing to every possible voting group of every ilk and the media will asses, reassess and regurgitate the rhetoric ad nauseam.

For example: Kerry tries to cast “special interest groups’ as some sinister evil empire trying to gain some illegal advantage at the expense of some disadvantaged group (whose vote he covets). This is not only divisive, it also begs the question: What is a special interest group? Is it Oil; Big Business; Beltway Lobbyists; or the NRA? These are on Kerry’s list. Of course the NEA, Labor Unions, the Hollywood Left, AARP, ERA-NOW, gay and lesbian rights advocates, the Sierra Club; the NAACP and the left-leaning media giants are not “special interest groups”. No, these are just good, well intended people without agenda and they do not lobby for their position. Come on folks! All of these are special interest groups and they all lobby and they all have a legal right to do that. This is a non-issue that sounds good during a political campaign.

Government support to education is another so-called issue. In my opinion, the Government has put in place and paid for just about every conceivable program to insure that all children have an opportunity for a quality education. The operative word is “opportunity”. The real issue is one of creating an environment in which education is valued. Just like leading a horse to water, if students are not motivated to learn they “won’t drink”. If education is not valued in the home and community, you can give a computer to every student but the likely use will be video games not education. We say we want to educate our children, but refrain from testing them or their teachers and we remove or lower standards and say the goal is education. Osmosis is not the answer. There is no remedy other than students working hard in a system of rewards which all are encouraged to achieve and/or consequences which all are encouraged to avoid. Everyone should and does have the opportunity, but absent hard work everyone will not become a brain surgeon. Education is another “issue” that gets sound bytes for the politician, but which they and the government (with or without Kerry or Bush) cannot solve. We have to return to a society that values education above economics.

The WMD “issue” will surely come up and so deserves mention. I have been an intelligence analyst. Intelligence is simply information produced by knowledgeable analysts and it should never be confused with fact. Did Saddam have WMD’s? The question is irrelevant. Since the intelligence of the time indicated he did and that it was a threat to our National security, President Bush made the only decision he could. His basic job is our Nation’s well-being. No risk to that is acceptable. Let’s not forget that his predecessor was persuaded enough to attack Saddam and Kerry supported that action with great gusto. It’s an issue of obfuscation, not of substance.

There are all kinds of similar so-called “issues” coming our way and one of these guys will get elected. Question is: Which should be the deciding issue? I am an unabashed patriot. I love my country and all it stands for. I have and would again bear arms when called. Like John Kerry, I was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam. The difference is that I have and always will wear mine with pride. I believe as Stephen Decatur: “Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be right; but our country, right or wrong.”

The Deciding Issue? There is no doubt that we are at a crossroads that will determine the future of our Nation. The fundamental, deciding issue is also one of the least mentioned. It is virtually invisible in all the rhetoric. It is the is the issue of National sovereignty vs. internationalism. In this Presidential election, we will be choosing between the retention of our right to self determination vs. a policy of surrendering some of our sovereign national rights to a world community with the UN as the ombudsman. Sounds good, but the “world community” simply does not and will not put the best interest of the United States first (maybe not even second or third). In addition, that body is ineffective in times of crises that involve conflict. Look at the record!

President Bush has put his view of this issue on squarely on the table. His policy of preemptive intervention to preserve our National security is squarely in the camp of self determination. Likewise, Senator Kerry has position abundantly clear. He, like most of the far left, is an avowed internationalist. He wants the world community (the UN) to approve our actions, to command our military, to tell us when it is appropriate to defend ourselves. He wants the world to “like us” and so he will childlike “offer his lunch money to the school bullies”. Like it or not we are in WW III and our enemies hate us. No amount of “lunch money” will assuage that hatred for the foreseeable future. Internationalism is not a bad concept. The world simply isn’t mature enough to handle it in the foreseeable future, absent some extraterrestrial threat.

It is this predilection for internationalism that probably underlies the plethora of Kerry votes against appropriating money to develop and procure virtually every new major weapon system currently in operation in Iraq and that also stand ready for use in maintaining our National security wherever needed. By the way, his votes also contributed to the decrease in the size of our military and weakening of our intelligence community’s capabilities. These (military forces and equipment and Intelligence apparatus) are all tools of self determination. Without them we stand ready to be coerced by other Nation States that do value national sovereignty and self determination.

Bottom line: Any vote for John Kerry the Internationalist weakens our National security and our ability to defend ourselves and our way of life. More importantly, internationalism erodes our national will for self determination and that’s fatal. In the end, we can’t resolve any of our other issues (legitimate or pseudo-) without that umbrella of security.
I certainly will not vote for Kerry. I will vote to reelect President George W. Bush. I hope that you will join me. But, in any event, please vote.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ron Rabin
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

On Kerry's Silver Star. I would love to see the paperwork on it. Below is an example of what it took in our unit to get a Silver Star, this is a bit extensive, but none the less an example. Both pilots got a Silver Star I believe and the Crew DFC's and this was one ugly mission.

A little more complex than murdering a wounded VC and retrieving an empty RPG launcher., putting your crew at risk,and disobeying Navy SOP's.


Kerry writes own Award ?

In our little part of the War, especially during Operation Giant Slingshot, ASPB’s such as mine often operated completely independently on patrol and escort missions. POIC’s such as myself were responsible for filing after action reports with the Task Group Commander, generally a Navy LT or LT(jg). In conjunction therewith, we also had responsibility for drafting (not signing) recommendations for awards. In the action I mentioned, I drafted recommendations for awards for my engineer, a 20MM BMSN Gunner, and myself. Yeah, I agree! It was probably self-serving but my largely teenage crew was not authors! :-) These recommendations did not specify the level of the award which was left to the TG CO or other upstream brass. I don’t know at what command level the actual award determination was made. I do know of several cases where similar recommendations resulted in no action by command authorities. I may not have said this previously but it was my policy to have all after action reports initialed by the entire crew. This was also true for the awards we’re discussing here, except for two guys who had to be med-evaced after the action. Another thing that affected this was damage to the boat required our short-handed return to Dong Tam for repairs. This allowed the time to do the writing which, in the normal course of patrol duty (12-16 hours a day), was just not possible. At least in my little piece of the war, there were many gallant acts that never were written up, not only for lack of witnesses, but, simply for lack of time and energy.

As it relates to our topic the reason for even discussing it is to point out the “possibility” that Kerry could have acted in a self-aggrandizing manner, which from what I’ve read I believe he “probably” did. Back to my real point!

My recent study is bringing me to the conclusion that JFK-erry is nothing more than an idol-worshipping, want-to-be JFK-ennedy who deliberately created a combat record in the shortest time possible in an attempt to emulate the “real” JFK and then got himself out of country post haste!

It’s interesting that his CO, George Elliot, is quoted as saying the he didn’t know whether to recommend a medal or a court-martial. Didn’t Halsey say something similar about the “real” JFK? As Randy said,

 “In the middle of an attack, the Captain of the Ship runs his boat aground, leaves the boat and crew behind, and pursues needless single-handed pursuit through the jungle of a fleeing enemy --- while his boat and crew are vulnerable to further attack from possibly hidden forces. Maybe we can find some Navy types to flesh this out with Customs of the Navy type background? Like, needlessly exposing his vessel and crew to possible attack?"

Where I served in country it was SOP, when you took fire (especially B40 fire), to run off a couple of hundred yards, lay 20MM, 50 Cal, M19, and M79 fire on the target zone, and then make a close-in run concentrating all available weaponry on the target. After suppressing fire we’d call in the grunts (the poor bastards) to sweep the area for KIAs and WIAs. We were ordered to “never”
beach a boat and go ashore in a live fire zone except for the purpose of saving or preserving the lives of our forces and then only when we had chopper cover or were covered by another boat. Believe me, these boats made great targets especially in daylight. As others have said he should have been, at a minimum, reprimanded if not relieved and court martialed.

His subsequent participation in VVAW was probably nothing more than pique at returning to the “World” to find that he wasn’t anointed “the” conquering war hero, wasn’t applauded and revered by his Brahmin buddies, and wasn’t immediately swept into the center of power politics as was his idol. His senate voting record on defense and intelligence continues to reflect this resentment, his far left tax and social (istic?) philosophy continue to reflect JFK-ennedy’s, and his consistent flip-flopping on the issues constitute an all consuming desire to attain for himself the reverence for and legacy of the “real” JFK. Integrity and principals be damned! The interests of the American people be damned!

Keep your pot on and sit on a flak jacket! J
Tom Mortensen
BM1 CTF 117 and 116, RVN 68-69 Top

Why would John Kerry even raise the old issue of National Guard service again? That from a Democrat whose party pardoned thousands that avoided service by going to Canada when Jimmy Carter embarrassed us all by his horrible tenure. Then later, elected a man that went to Europe and the Soviet Union after his draft notice was mailed to him. It makes no sense unless this JFK wannabe wants to establish himself early on as a war hero.

There is only one problem…many of us who saw much more action that Hanoi John, came home to watch him portray us in bad light. That, we will never forget.
You are not a hero or a brother of mine. I know heroes John; and I have a band of brothers. You fall far short of what they are. You are a charlatan of the first order that has a career replete with flip-flops and contradictions. The truth will never fade no matter how you try to spin it. You are massively transparent. You are a loser.

John Barclay
Combat Infantry
4th ID (Central Highlands)

As far as I know, the only time you beached a boat was to disembark personnel, such as ground forces; ie, SEALS, Army troops with the mobile riverine force, recon teams. Or if the craft was in danger of sinking. If it was in danger of exploding, you just deassed over the side, and swam like hell. It would have been totally against regs to beach a craft in order to chase down a singular enemy soldier, especially to execute him, when he was wounded and unable to defend himself. That is murder, which is a war crime, against the Geneva Convention accords. To have gone ashore and risked such a craft as a PCF, just to exact revenge upon some misguided NVA or Viet Cong, would be totally inexcuseable. The only time I could see beaching in order to capture someone would be if there was a specific order to do so, and most likely an appropriate craft would have been sent for such an operation, such as an LCM, along with a heavy escort and well manned. And of course such an operation to extract a particular person would have been performed by people trained in such tactics, namely SEALS.
If in fact, Kerry did behave in such a manner, it does make him a murderer and a violater of the Geneva Convention, therefore subject to trial as a war criminal. Other charges would be willful neglect of his vessel, and crew, and unnecessary endangerment of his vessel and crew. Definately not withholding to the highest standards of Naval Tradition. In my view, he should not only have not been decorated for such foolhardy actions, but to have been at the minimum, courts martialed and divested of his rank, and dishonorabley discharged. Were I to have been on a vessel that its Skipper had behaved in such a manner, I would have wanted charges brought against him. While I actually never fired a shot in anger the entire 13 months I was in country, I was definately trained in the proper manner to behave in combat conditions. I was one of the guys that ran the generators so the guys that did do the dirty work got to enjoy a hot shower and a hot meal upon thier return from patrol

Ken Keith,
Nam Vet ( NavSuppActVinh Long 68-69) (YRBM-20)
USS Energy MSO-436 (Markettime Patrol 70-71)

I want to thank you, as a fellow Nam Vet for this inciteful web page you have come up with.
I was with NavSuppActVinhLong, 68-69. I too have been suspicious of Benedict Kerry's awards as well, knowing all too well how hard it was to get any kind of real commendations over there.
I have passed this link on to all my friends and family alike so they can see what a low life, scum sucking, Siberian Snow Pimp that Kerry really is.

Ken Keith,
Nam Vet ( NavSuppActVinh Long 68-69) (YRBM-20)
USS Energy MSO-436 (Markettime Patrol 70-71)

 My wife had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year, and the recovery is terribly painful. Then, she developed a staph-epi infection, and they had to cut the same scar open and operate on her again. Just thinking about the pain and anxiety of facing that painful surgery a second time in the same wound, makes me cringe. That experience, however pales in comparison to what I am going through right now, in my heart.

The old hurts are surfacing and the feelings of betrayal by fellow citizens, and their leader stirring them up, are breaking my heart again. I am being cut in the same scar. How did we who served in Vietnam suddenly become cold-blooded killers, torturers, and rapists, of the ilk of the Nazi SS or the Taliban? Most of us were American soldiers who grew up idolizing John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and all the other heroes. That was why I volunteered. But for political expediency, John Kerry has rewritten history, again. After spending only four months in the country of Vietnam, John Kerry testified before Congress in 1971 with these exact words about incidents he supposedly witnessed or heard about from other vets: "They personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam."

I was a green beret officer who volunteered for duty in Vietnam and fought in the thick of it in 1968 and 1969 on a Special Forces A-team on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, just for starters. We were the elite. We saw the most action. Everybody in the world knows that. But we did not just kill people, we built a church, a school, treated illnesses, passed out soap, food, and clothing, and had fun and loving interaction with the indigenous people of Vietnam, just like our boys did in Normandy, Baghdad, Saigon, and everywhere American soldiers ever served. We all gave away our candy bars and rations to kids. Our hearts to oppressed people all over the globe.

My children and grandchildren could read your words, and think those horrendous things about me, Mr. Kerry. You are a bold-faced, unprincipled liar, and a disgrace, and you have dishonored me and all my fellow Vietnam veterans. Sure, there were a couple bad-apples, but I saw none, and I saw it all, and if I did, as an army officer, it was my obligation to stop it, or at the very least report it. Why is there not a single record anywhere of you ever reporting any incidents like this or having the perpetrators arrested? The answer is simple. You are a liar. Your medals and mine are not a free pass for lifetime, Senator Kerry, to bypass character, integrity, and morality. I earn my green beret over and over daily in all aspects of my life.

Eight National Guard green berets, and other National Guard soldiers, have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you totally dishonored their widows and families by lumping National Guard service in with being a draft-dodger, conscientious objector, and deserter, just so you can try to sabotage the patriotism of our President who proudly served as an Air National Guard jet pilot. I have a son earning his green beret at Fort Bragg right now, and his wife serves honorably in the Air National Guard, just like President Bush did, and I am as proud of her as I am my son. I volunteered for Vietnam and have no problem whatsoever with President Bush being our Commander-In-Chief. In fact, I am proud of him as our leader.

John Kerry, you personally derailed the Vietnam Human Rights Bill, HR2883, in 2001, after it had passed the House by a 411 to 1 vote, and thousands of pro-American Montagnard tribespeople in Vietnam died since then who could have been saved, by you. Earlier, as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on MIA/POW Affairs, you personally quashed the efforts of any and all veterans to report sightings of living POW's, when you held those reins in Congress. You have fought tooth and nail to push for the US to normalize relations with Vietnam for years. Why, Mr. Kerry? Simple, your first cousin C. Stewart Forbes, CEO, of Colliers International, recently signed a contract with Hanoi, worth BILLIONS of dollars for Collier's International to become the exclusive real estate representative for the country of Vietnam.

"Hanoi John," now that it works for you, you beat your chest about your Vietnam service, but to me, you are a phony, opportunistic, hypocrite. You are one of those politicians that is like a fertilizer machine: all that comes out of you is horse manure, and you are spreading it everywhere.
Medals do not make a man. Morals do.

Don Bendell
Canon City, Colorado
Don Bendell served as an officer in four Special Forces Groups, is a best-selling author with over 1,500,000 books in print, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado.

Dear Friends

 I am aware that politics can be very personal and the issues can be emotional as well. My desire has been to share information that you may not have access to through the media that is available to the public. I feel the need to explain my reasons for going beyond what I would normally consider polite behavior.

Most of you know that I served in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, 1968. My crew and I served in a light helicopter gunship fire team and fought in many battles from December 1967 through the end of May 1968. I was responsible for two helicopter gunships and the lives of seven men as well as my own. Our job was to provide close air support for the infantry. Many of the friends who I served with went on to fight in a September offensive that followed the first two Tet related offensives in February 1968 and May 1968. These battles were conventional warfare battles brought on by the North Vietnamese with the intention of running us out of the country and destroying the Army of South Vietnam (ARVN). Our purpose, as you may know, was to help the South Vietnamese establish and protect themselves and their own non-communist government. As you know, if you read one of the forwards that quotes Oliver North, General Giap – the top commander of the North Vietnamese Army, stated in 1985 and was quoted in other documents to say that the United States and South Vietnamese forces won militarily in 1968 and through 1971.

Let me fast forward to my return to the United States in 1969 after serving for nine months in Germany and England. Yes, I suffered the insults and spittle of the Hippie group in San Francisco in the summer of 1968 as I returned from Nam. I felt particular sorrow for many enlisted men who were drafted and received the same treatment. This was not the most difficult part however. It took years for me to bury the memory of students carrying the North Vietnamese flag and wearing the hats of North Vietnamese soldiers on the University of Illinois campus. I was not strong enough to stand against it at the time, even though I knew in my heart that this was a total betrayal of the men who were willing to give their lives for their country and for their brothers in arms. We soldiers spent many years in a healing process since those days. Many couldn’t handle it and were never healed, but a large majority of us made it through with the love of our families and responsibilities of living a “normal” life. However, the experience had a profound effect on all of us.

Some today, including John Kerry, say that we should not discuss these issues since we might awaken that division that we suffered in that period. However, the issue that may divide us remains as new battles are fought by a new generation of soldiers. The division is created when the news media reports to the world the public statements of politicians and others who oppose the war. When this happens, our enemy, in this case terrorists, the Taliban, and Saddam-supporting members of the Baath party in Iraq are encouraged. (As you know, there are many enemies of the United States today regardless of who sits in the Office of President.) One might even say that our enemies are aided and abetted when public dissention is broadcast to the world. You see, General Giap said that they would have given up in 1968 if it were not for Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and the other public protestors who convinced them that they could win politically by hanging on. They felt that this could be done in spite of the horrible military defeats that they suffered through the entire year of 1968. As a result, many more of our soldiers and theirs had to die. Because of this and the actions of Ted Kennedy and other congressmen, all support was ended for the South Vietnamese government and Army. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of innocent South Vietnamese people and soldiers were slaughtered by the Army of North Vietnam. Because all of our forces, including the CIA were pulled from Southeast Asia via actions of the same congressmen, Pol Pot was emboldened to annihilate 2 million innocent Cambodians. All of this suggests to me that the issues go beyond politics.

I have spent a lot of time in prayer and in the word of God about these matters. I don’t pretend to know whether we should have taken up the fight in Vietnam in the first place or not. What I do know is this: Once our government leaders send our soldiers to fight, the only way to save lives and to end the fighting quickly is to support our troops and to provide a unified front to the enemy. This does not mean that we all have to agree or that anyone must take the party line of the incumbent President. However, it is wrong to encourage the enemy by publicly objecting to the war. Those who do so are extending the war rather than shortening it. I obviously feel very strongly about this after losing friends in Vietnam. I will confess that I do not like John Kerry or Ted Kennedy. I would tell you that I would not like them regardless of the party that they serve. I do not like what they did or what they stand for today. However, this is not news nor is it the purpose of this letter.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me. I do, however, ask that you consider what I have said. If you do not agree with me, I ask that you forgive me for feeling so strongly about these matters. I also ask you to forgive me for trying to give you the information that will help you understand how I feel.
Dave Henard/Ron Leonard

A Vietnam Vet Against Kerry

I grew up in St. Paul, on Selby Avenue (early to mid-50's), then West St. Paul. Graduated from Sibley High School in '63, and went on to the University of Minnesota ('63-'66). In May '66, I quit the U and enlisted in the infantry because I wanted to go to Vietnam.

I joined the 9th Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, KS, which had been newly activated, and which was to train as a unit, then deploy to Vietnam. I became a rifle squad leader in the 4th battalion, 47th Infantry, and we deployed to Vietnam in Jan '67. My battalion was a part of the Mobile Riverine force in the Mekong Delta. We were the first American units in the Delta, and 1967 was a year of hard fighting down there. I was very lucky. I finished my 1-year tour with the 9th Division, then extended my tour and went to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at II Field force HQ, which was a bit north of Saigon, at Long Binh.
I extended my tour two more times, spending 16 months there in the TOC, as an Operations NCO. My 3-year enlistment was over in May '69, and I came home to St. Paul. I had spent 28 months in Vietnam. I had earned the Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star w/"V" Device w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters, two Air Medals, a Purple Heart (for a very slight wound), an Army Commendation Medal, and the Vietnamese Cross For Gallantry (awarded quite liberally by the gov't of SVN). The Mobile Riverine Force had earned a Presidential Unit Citation for its 1967 campaigns.

I relate all of the above to establish my credentials as a critic of John F. Kerry (hereinafter referred to as "that P***k"). I know a little about how the award system worked in Vietnam. If you did something worthy of an award, it first had to be brought to the attention of your commander, who would then check with witnesses, and so on, and decide (in accordance with the governing Army regulation, AR 672-something) what the action merited.

If everything was confirmed and approved, an officer (normally the original witness) would write the citation describing the action. All of this was then forwarded to whatever command level was required by the AR to approve that particular award. A Silver Star requires something quite extraordinary in the infantry. I cannot be sure, but I don't recall ANY Silver Stars awarded in '67 to any soldier in the MRF, and that's a full year of fighting by 3 entire infantry battalions.
Now comes before us that P***k.

That P***k spent a 6-month tour on a small warship off the coast of Vietnam, which service undoubtedly required him occasionally to miss a full night's sleep in his air-conditioned cabin. This "tour" doesn't even count. He spent some time Stateside, no doubt basking in his "veteran" status among pallid ensigns, then took a deep breath and returned to Vietnam. This time, he wangled his way onto a Swift Boat, which from a grunt's point of view is pretty cushy duty. It is entirely possible that that P***k actually fired a weapon sometime between Dec '67, and Mar '68, since he has made references to dead civilians of both sexes and all ages during this period. During this same period, that Prick received 3 fragment wounds from RPG's which missed him and his boat. All 3 of these were band-aid wounds (same as mine).

In Mar '68, a lone VC fired an RPG at that P***ck's boat, resulting in another miss. One of the crewmen answered this with about 50 rounds from a twin-mount 50 cal MG, wounding the VC, who jumped out of sight. That P***k beached the boat (dumb dumb dumb) where the VC had been, jumped ashore, found the wounded VC, killed him, and returned to the boat with the offending RPG launcher. For this "action," an infantry PFC wouldn't have gotten so much as a pat on the back, but that P***k ended up with a Silver Star! How could this have come about? Well, remember...the commander has to recommend the award. That P***k WAS the commander in this little incident. Do you think...? Is it possible...? That P***k was in command of 4 or 5 enlisted sailors, and chances are, none of them was much good at writing up an award recommendation, soooo...
With his Silver Star pinned on his spotless Navy whites, that P***k immediately requested reassignment under the official (or maybe unofficial) "three Purple Hearts" rule, which allowed anyone so grievously damaged to return to the US early. So ended a grueling stay of almost 4 months of combat heroism.

I have always been proud of my Vietnam service. I spent a total of 14 years as an infantry NCO, served in Germany, and a number of post here in the US. The young men I was lucky enough to lead and serve with in 1967 (almost all of them draftees) were GOLD.. We who survived remain close to each other to this day.
Now, everywhere I turn, I see and hear journalists who constantly refer to that P***k's "chestful of medals," and "heroism in Vietnam." I am insulted, disgusted, deeply offended by all of this. I speak for no one but myself, but I expect that there are plenty of other Vietnam veterans who feel as I do. And I won't even get started on his shameless behavior with the VVAW, when he claimed to speak for us, and announced to the world that we were all cold-blooded war criminals.

From my point of view, John F. Kerry is a charlatan and a whore. The mere thought that he MIGHT end up in the White House is appalling, and truly frightening.

Another Vet
Why worry about being fair? Was he "fair" when he labeled us war criminals  and mass murderers? Hit the scum bag hard. If I had anything but 35 years of loathing and anger toward him and his ilk I would contribute. If the
scum bag gets nominated I WILL campaign against him and I've never done that in my life, not even against Bubba.

Sorry for the language but if I could think of something worse than
scum bag I'd use it.


I agree with this last statement. First it is too early to decide who we as individuals will support and Second unless the Veterans Party of America comes forth with their own candidate it will be up to each person to decide who they wish to support of those remaining in the running. Personally I would not vote for John Kerry as dog catcher as i think better of dogs.

Glenda Kelley
GA's Veterans Party of America